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How do you get poke coupons on Pokemon Battle Revolution?

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you Battle Pokemon the talk to the trainer
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How do you get Pokemon in Pokemon Battle Revolution?

Ok. The question is a little vauge, but I'll answer the best I can. If you want to upload Pokemon from your DS this is what you do. You'll first have to turn your DS on and on

How do you transfer Pokemon in battle revolution?

  If you have Pokemon Diamond or Pearl, you get on Battle Revolution, and click on Storage. Then click Copy Pokemon. Turn on your DS with Diamond or Pearl in it, and on th

Does anyone have a Pokemon with poke virus you can battle me?

yes i have a lv.100 arcues with pokerus and i accept your challenge jus tell me when to go the wi-fi connection area   how about 3:00 PM Eastern Time July 29 2009   What
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How do you poke battle the ploice in Pokemon td 2 to get to the ruines?

You can't! I was wondering the same thing a while ago until I did some research and found out that Sam, (the owner of PTD and PTD2...) has not yet finished making the ruins of