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How do you get poke coupons on Pokemon Battle Revolution?

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you Battle Pokemon the talk to the trainer
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Rental passes on Pokemon Battle Revolution?

You can get only 6 rental passes. Each with 6 Pokemon. After beating the Poketopia Championship, the Gateway Colosseum turns into trade battle. In trade battles, you have to d

Cheats for Pokemon Battle Revolution?

There Are Cheats For It 1.Surfing Pikachu (Defeat The Game To Unlock) 2.Electrive (Code) 3.Magmator (Code)

How do you get battle passes in Pokemon Battle Revolution?

  You have to win the collseums and you will get the collseums pass like if you win the sunset colleseum you will get that pass. After that you just beat the colleseums ov

How do you get Pokemon Battle Revolution two player?

ok first you have to make two profiles and then save one rental card in controller this can be done by going to save and then save battle card. then if you have 1 controller y

How do you get Pokemon in Pokemon Battle Revolution?

Ok. The question is a little vauge, but I'll answer the best I can. If you want to upload Pokemon from your DS this is what you do. You'll first have to turn your DS on and on