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How do you get rid of small itchy bumps on legs?

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u mite wanna c a doctor about that....gross...
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What are red itchy bumps on your legs?

Answer   The red itchy bumps on your legs may be caused by irritation or scratching. If your female and shaved your legs, this could be why you have red bumps. Especially

What could explain small red itchy bumps on your lower legs and ankles?

You probably got those from Mosquitoes or some other kind of insect.    Insect bites? Do you have a dog or cat? It might be fleas. If so, get a flea collar for your animal

What are these small red itchy bumps on my lower legs and ankles?

Red itchy bumps on lower legs and ankles can be caused by a number  of different things. Contact dermatitis is a condition that can  cause a rash when the skin comes into co

How do you get rid of shaving bumps on legs?

Well I never got rid of them just prevented them by making sure i use a shave gel.I found when you use a shave gel the blade dont pull the hair out.This prevents the bumps in

Small itchy bumps on wrists and legs?

My daughter has a itchy bump on her wrist. It looks like a bite that she scratched the top off of. However, it has bled off and on for two days.   This could be a case of s
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How can you get rid of really itchy legs?

All you need is gold bond body powder and use that to get the itch out just rub the powder on your legs or you can use aquaphor its a lotion that also helps