How do you get the queen of clubs in Mafia Wars?

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All Club cards will be 'payed put' in the Soldier Tier Jobs. It can take quite some time, but the Queen can be found in "Steal a Tanker Truck".
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Where is Queen of clubs Mafia Wars?

The Queen of Clubs is in the Soldier Tier. This is the very last item I need, and I have literally spent over 3000 energy points in the Soldier Tier trying to get it. So go yo

Where is the Mafia Wars queen of spades?

I finally got this to drop from the job "Destroy Enemy Mob Hideout".on my third day of farming soldier tier jobs with 710 energy+25% boost. I received the Queen of Spade

How do you get an ace of clubs in Mafia Wars?

ace of clubs.... the club gotten on the soldier job is a random loot drop. Who ever wrote are a dumb a** he wants to know where to get i

How do you get eight of clubs on Mafia Wars?

You can get Eight of Clubs on Mafia Wars by entering one lottery ticket, and clicking on 'claim bonus item' or just ask a friend if they have one to send it over to you.