How do you get unlimited ammo glitch for the plasma sword?

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It works on two levels ( The level you first play as the Arbiter and the level when you crash down on HALO in pods ). You first find a plasma sword and make it run out of ammo and keep it in your weapon set .Then when you reach the cutscene ( Where the Arbiter says" What is it ? "to the Shipmaster or when Cortana says" Wait ! Play back that message !" ) wait till it ends and switch back to your empty ammo sword. It will still say no ammo but if don't notice when you attack an enemy with it the sword gives off a sound that sounds like the energy sword when it had ammo and gives the same ammount of dammage when it had ammo !
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Is there a ammo glitch in Nazi zombies?

No. There is not currently any ammo glitch in Nazi Zombies unless you play on PC. There is however a multiple gun glitch and its different for each map. Map pack one is simpl

Modern warfare 2 unlimited ammo glitch?

There is no infinite ammo glitch! There was when the game first came out but it has been patched. Besides, why would you want to do that? IT takes all the fun out of the game.

How the do you get unlimited ammo for re5?

Check this site => and search resident evil 5 i downloaded a program named Trainer for re5 and it should be open while you playing(it has direction for how

How do you get unlimited ammo on black ops?

There are no cheat codes and the Intel don't give you cheats like in modern warfare but you can buy mods on eBay that can give you unlimited ammo but mods can get you kicked o
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How do you get the unlimited ammo glitch on modern warfare 2?

dude im matmoo121001 add me and i will show yu loads of cool stuff and get the most pwer fulllest gun on it mw3 black op moder warfare got em all so if yu want i cuold help yu
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How can you get unlimited ammo in zombocalypse?

go to menu then click on one of the faces of the zombies andtype(no more reloads) make sure you use spaces or it wont work anddon't hit enter after doing so. This doesn't work
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What is the unlimited ammo?

\n . When you have unlimited ammo and it is only available as a PC mod of the game for COD BO2 .