How do you increase the range of an normal walkie-talkie?

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put it under water and it'll increase the range
nah joking, just go up a hill and it'll work better
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How can you increase the signal strength of a walkie talkie?

Answer 1 . Legally, you can't. Under International laws, tarriffs and treaties, and in the US, under FCC regulations, radio communication equipment is designed and manufact

How can you increase the range of a walkie talkie on the circuit board?

Answer . Hi You can not change radio power on Circuit Board. Maximum output power is fixed. In commercial licensed radios, output power (correct with possessed licen

What is the normal range for cholesterol?

The normal range for cholesterol should be anywhere from 100 to 130mg/dL. For those with a high risk of heart disease, it is importantto aim for an LDL that is 70 mg/dL.

How can you hear a police scanner on a normal walkie talkie?

Well you have to buy a desktop police scanner at radio shack or online, then put the walkie talkie on vox mode next to the speaker of the scanner. If you want to listen to pol

What range do Cobra Walkie Talkies have?

Cobra walkie talkies have different ranges depending on what model you purchase. Some models state that they have ranges up to 16 miles while the top of the line model has a r
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How far is the working range for typical walkie talkie radios?

A walkie talkie's range varies widely depending the amount/type of radio power used to transmit the signal and environmental factors. These may include physical structures li
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Where can someone buy long range walkie talkies?

With the saturation of cellular phones it has actually gotten a bit more difficult to find high quality, long range "walkie talkies" or two way radios, but they can still be b