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The "slow is smooth, smooth is fast" saying has its origins in the military. With that context the meaning is fairly obvious: moving fast, or rushing it, is reckless and will likely get you killed. If you move slowly, carefully and deliberate however, you are really moving as fast as you can without needlessly increasing the risk on your life.
The expression comes from the rifle range-it is what the instructors say to the people being trained regarding loading and unloading- aiming etc-it is a marine corps expression from the range that bleed over into other areas and then into the civilian world. semper fi
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  Answer   Smooth endoplasmic reticulum is considered "smooth" because it does not contain ribosomes that attach to its walls. "Rough" endoplasmic reticulum, on the o

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Because there are no ribosomes on the surface of this organelle, unlike its couterpart, the rough endoplasmic reticulum whcih gets its name from the presence of the ribosomes.

Who said slow is smooth smooth is fast?

Originating from the Army, it is quoted from Sergeant Alvin York  from the "Lost Batallion" in World War 1. By the way, Sergeant York  led his platoon to capture 132 German

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