How do you know if you have AIDS?

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The surest way would be to have an AIDS test performed. If you suspect you might be a candidate for AIDS (because of a past history of unprotected sexual activity or needle-based drug use), contact your doctor about scheduling such a test.

If you are infected, not knowing won't make the disease go away; in fact, it would make the situation worse, as you'd be unknowingly spreading the HIV virus further.

Please observe HIV+ is different from having AIDS. If somebody are having AIDS one usually will see it through the symptoms he has. If he s/he is HIV+ there is nothing to observe and HIV antibody tests or an HIvirus test is necessary.
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How do you know you have aids?

You would have to be tested to know for sure if you have AIDS or not.

How do you know when you have AIDS?

Only way to find out for certain is to undergo two blood tests, testing for the virus and concentration of certain white blood cells. The same test has to be done six months a

How do you know if you have aids or not?

\nYou get a blood test, if you have AIDS, you will know. First it starts as HIV. You can live well over ten years with HIV, then it transfers into full blown AIDS. AIDS is

How do you know it is AIDS?

First you would have to have a test to assure that you ere infected with HIV, then after some time HIV converts to AIDS

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How you know that you got aids?

You will need to be tested for the virus antibody.

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After an anti body test you can tell if a person has been infected and has sero converted. after this the CD4 baseline is done the client id stagged according to the WHO guide

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