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How do you make ps3 DVD player region free?

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How do you make the PS3 Blu-ray player region free?

how to region free the blu ray on PS3 There is currently no known method for unlocking region PS3 consoles to play Blu-Ray movies from regions other than ones that match the p

How can you buy a region-free DVD player?

Hi, Search the internet. Use Google and type in: "region+free+DVD+player" and see what comes up. They make 'em and I've seen several on the web. You just need to spend some

Can you make your PS3 region free?

PS3 games are region free.......everything else you're on your own. I was scammed into buying a Japanese PS3 on Ebay but I currently live in Canada so I'm plagued with the sam

Can you make your PS3 DVD region free?

you can try to use the DVD X Player, it is the best DVD player on PC, it is able to reset any DVDs by unlock all DVD region code such as Region 1, Region 2, Region 3 and etc.

How do you make DVD player region free?

,dear, maybe there is no possible way to make the DVD player region free. but u can refer to maybe Amazon to search a multi-region DVD player~~ A2 You need to find the cor