How do you make thick hair thinner?

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You can go to a salon... or where ever you get your hair cut... and you can ask them to get your hair thinned. All it is, is they take a special scisors that only cuts off certain hairs. Its really quick. I get mine done all the time.
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What can you do to make your facial skin thinner if it too thick?

Answer . There is nothing you can do. Maybe use a scrub to make sure you get all of your dead skin off. I am sure you don't look stupid in the light, you are probably ve

How do you make your hair thinner?

I have very thick hair, and what I sometimes do (when my hair is shorter) is go to any place where you can get your hair cut and ask to get it thinned. That helps alot. But if

What can you do to make your hair twice as thick?

You have to keep it in a weef for a whille than 2 week do not do anything like.. straighten or hot comb it ok hope that works! _____________ Thickening shampoo and conditioner

How do you make hair thick and healthy?

Well a lot of people say to shave your hair so it can grow back healthy and thick, I wouldn't recommend that but I would say to use the Dove Therapy shampoo and conditioner. I
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Does gray hair make your hair thinner?

no it depends on the type of hair you have because i have fray hairs but i also have curly hair and my hairs still curly