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How do you make working model of hydraulic lift?

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You could use tap pressure, a connecting pipe and a balloon.
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Who invented the hydraulic lift?

  The hydraulic lift was invented by Leon Edoux.

What is hydraulic lifts?

Hydraulic lifts utilize a hydraulic piston or ram, typically oil filled, to supply the lifting force for raising or lowering an object/load. These hydraulic systems are usuall

How to make working physics model?

what to make in physics working model

How to make a science working model?

IF WE THOUGHT A GOOD WORKING MODEL FOR GRADE 7 AND 8 IN THE PUNJAB SCHOOL..........if we make a good or excellent model we not get a prize so why because this school is very b

How do you make working model of dam?

To make a working model of dam, take a water bottle and place a  small aquarium motor inside it. Glue a tube on top of the bottle  and make a slide from the tube which will

How can make a working model of windmill?

Get a dc motor. of toy cars that run on battery or stuff which works on motor. Collect Old wiresStick the old wires to the terminals of the motorTake 4 small piece of cloth an

What are hydraulics an how do they work?

  Hydraulics are fundamentally a means of transmitting force and movement from one point to another via a liquid which is free of gas and is therefore incompressible. Th

How do you make a working model of maths?

you can make a working model of any polygons. first,draw any polygons (triangle,pentagon,hexagon etc....)and also draw its interior angles and exterior angles (note the polygo

How can you make working model of kidney?

You can't as it's a highly complex organic system, but you could simulate what it does. One of the kidneys primary functions is to filter out toxins in the blood stream which

How do you make a working model of elevator?

1.Attach the spindles to the wooden board or cardboard using nails as shown in the figure 2.Take the small cardboard box and tie two strings to the top and one to the bottom

How do you make working models of agriculture?

Find an example you want to research. There is much more to agriculture than just the word "agriculture." There are so many topics in agriculture that you can use to create a
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How do you make a working model of rainbow?

  The effect is the same as when you have a thin film of oil on water.   You can also use a hose with a very fine spray mist, pointed into the air on a sunny day and se

How do you make a working model of metro?

take motor and make a cardbord train attach motor between and bottom of train and attach two wheels on the either side of train with motor hence it is ready