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How would you describe The Wing Girl Method to people who have never heard of it?

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What makes guinea pigs bloat?

a lot of different vegies just depends on what fresh veggies your feeding him/her if you have a apple ipod iphone or ipad there is a free app called guineapeadia and it lists (MORE)

In what ways can you make a visitor feel more comfortable?

Answer     It all depends on your culture!   * Make sure they feel comfortable in your home.  * Make them feel at home.  * Offer food and drink.  * Take (MORE)

What happens when a guinea pig is happy sad scared or comfortable?

Guinea pigs are very vocal and don't mind letting you know how they feel. Like dogs, or other pets, each guinea pig is unique and character. Some will react a little different (MORE)

How do you make toys for guinea pigs?

The paper ball suprise toy is when you take a treat, put it in the middle of a non toxic no ink paper, give it to your cavy, and watch it tear apart the paper to reveal the tr (MORE)

Owning Unique Pets: Common Behavior of Guinea Pigs

Because of their small size and generally affectionate and fun-loving personalities, guinea pigs make great pets, especially for responsible children. Like most domesticated a (MORE)

Keeping Guinea Pigs as Pets

Guinea pigs are the most sociable of the rodents and make excellent pets for children aged 8 and up. They are messier than hamsters or gerbils but much more responsive and cud (MORE)

How to Understand Your Guinea Pig's Noises and What They Mean

Guinea pigs make lots of noise. They are easy to care for, which is the most common reason that people keep them as pets. Their noises can mean a variety of things, good and b (MORE)

Tips for Taking Care of a Pet Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs' social natures and strong bonds with their human owners make them wonderful pets. Caring for these pets is not hard, either, as long as you know what steps are ne (MORE)
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How do you make your guinea pig squeak?

If your guinea pig doesn't squeak on its own, don't try and make it unless you are making it happy. If your guinea pig has a high pitched squeak it means they are excited or t (MORE)

How do you make guests feel comfortable?

Good ways to make your guests feel comfortable is to be yourself and be sure to introduce people to each other if there are a few people that do not know each other. Be sure t (MORE)

Why do guinea pigs make a noise?

Well, they make noises because that's their way of comunicating with you and other guinea pigs. You need to make noise to comunicate too don't you? well that's why. if your gu (MORE)

Why is your guinea pig not hungry or feeling good?

Like most other animals, make sure that you spend a lot of time with your guinea pig. If they are all on their own they can get a wee bit lonely. Make sure your guinea pig has (MORE)