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How do you make your guinea pig feel more comfortable?

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How do you make a guinea pig love you?

like any other animal every day cuddle it, feed it, care for it, DO NOT HIT IT, and love it. Good old tender love and care is essential, but you need to note that Guinea pigs (MORE)

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In what ways can you make a visitor feel more comfortable?

Answer     It all depends on your culture!   * Make sure they feel comfortable in your home.  * Make them feel at home.  * Offer food and drink.  * Take (MORE)

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What happens when a guinea pig is happy sad scared or comfortable?

Guinea pigs are very vocal and don't mind letting you know how they feel. Like dogs, or other pets, each guinea pig is unique and character. Some will react a little different (MORE)

Stylish Guinea Pig Gets a Trim

This bow-toting guinea pig needed a little trim, so she went to her groomer and let him work his magic. She knew that he was capable of making her the one guinea pig in town t (MORE)

Guinea Pigs Eat Same Blade of Grass

In order to get her popular Guinea Pig "kissing" photos, this woman gives each of her Guinea Pigs an end of a single blade of grass, and as the munch down, they move closer an (MORE)

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How do you make a girl feel more comfortable?

JUST allow the girl go beside you and... show that you are comfortable with him .. it can help build the confidence of girl if she is with you..

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How do you make your guinea pig squeak?

If your guinea pig doesn't squeak on its own, don't try and make it unless you are making it happy. If your guinea pig has a high pitched squeak it means they are excited or t (MORE)

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How do you make guests feel comfortable?

Good ways to make your guests feel comfortable is to be yourself and be sure to introduce people to each other if there are a few people that do not know each other. Be sure t (MORE)

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Why do guinea pigs make a noise?

Well, they make noises because that's their way of comunicating with you and other guinea pigs. You need to make noise to comunicate too don't you? well that's why. if your gu (MORE)

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How can you feel a baby guinea pig?

If you mean how can you hold it after it's born...: It depends on the mother really. When mine were born, the mother had no problem in letting me hold her babies, but they nee (MORE)