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How do you make your guinea pig feel more comfortable?

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In its hutch your guinea pig should always, always have access to plenty of hay - they eat this (it helps their digestion) but they also like to play and hide in it. Make sure there is a covering on the floor of the hutch, like sawdust or wood pellets. When handling the guinea pig, pick it up with one hand under its bottom, the other under its shoulders so you don't hurt it. Sit down when you cuddle your piggie and stroke and talk to it lots. They like to feel secure. Do this regularly, and it will soon know and trust you and will be comfortable in your company. Most of all,guinea pigs love company - and this is what makes them feel happy. If you have an outdoor piggie, bring it inside or into a garage or shed in cold weather.
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a lot of different vegies just depends on what fresh veggies your feeding him/her if you have a apple ipod iphone or ipad there is a free app called guineapeadia and it lists

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Um, I've never heard that before but all you need to do is buy a baby doll,(at a store) and/or buy baby doll daipers-so you know they won't hurt you guinea pig. That's how I'd
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If you mean how can you hold it after it's born...: It depends on the mother really. When mine were born, the mother had no problem in letting me hold her babies, but they nee