How do you navigate ms vista?

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The start button at the bottom left corner.
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What are the advantages of MS Vista?

Answer . The answer depends upon what you wish Vista to be compared to. I'll assume Windows XP, in which case the answer's "not a great deal". There's a major overhaul of

Why does the mouse pointer shake in MS windows Vista?

Answer . Are you using an optical mouse?(a mouse that uses a laser) My mouse would do that, if the surface of whatever it's on, such as the mousepad, has letters or lines o

Versions of Microsoft Office that work with MS Vista Home Premium?

Currently, all versions of Microsoft Office are compatible with Windows Vista, although some require upgrades to fully and correctly function. To determine whether or not your

Does MS Vista support a Paln Treo 650 PDA?

The Palm Desktop application is not fully compatible with Windows Vista. While general features such as Hotsync work fine, some other features may not work.

What is the Difference between MS Windows Vista and MS office vista?

There isn't actually any such product as Office Vista; Office 2007 was released at the same time as Vista so it is associated with it. Windows Vista is an operating system, O
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Where can one purchase MS Vista?

A person can purchase Microsoft Windows Vista from several different retailers. Some of these retailers include Amazon, Best Buy, and Discount Mountain Software.

What is navigate in MS Word or Excel?

To navigate is to move around. In Word or Excel you need to movearound your document or worksheet. You can do this in lots of ways.You can click on different parts of your pag