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How do you pass the 8th gym in Pokemon sapphire version?

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Well, there's a really specific pattern to follow to get to the gym leader (across the ice, that is), and for more inforamtion head to this site: http://www.psypokes.com/rs/images8thgym.png As for him, go to this site: http://www.psypokes.com/rs/walkthrough.php?part=8 It's on the bottom of the page.
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How do you unlock the 8th gym leader door in Pokemon sapphire?

You must go to the hidden cavern that is located in Mossdeep. Once  inside the cavern beat all the Pokémon inside and also beat Team  Magma leader. Then go to the cave of

Who are the Gym leaders from Pokemon Sapphire?

Pokemon sapphire gym leaders; 1.rustboro/roxanne/rock type/geodude and nosepass. 2.dewford/brawly/fight type 3.mauville/wattson/eletric type/magneton,voltorb,magnemite. 4.larv

How do you defeat the 8th gym leader on Pokemon sapphire version?

use a grass Pokemon at about level 42 (u could use electric but then u'd need a different approach against wishcash which is water/ground, his Pokemon are as follows: Luvdisc

How do you get through the 8th gym leader in Pokemon sapphire version?

  It is very complicated. so read very carefully. 1st. Go forward 1 tile then over on tile then up 1 tile then over 2 tiles then up 1 tile then over 1 tile then stand on
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How do you get to the 8th gym in Pokemon black version?

Once you Defeat Team Plasma from Dragonsprial Tower, go to route 8 and travel East. You should see Tubeline Bridge. Take Tubeline Bridge, to Route 9. Take Route 9 to Opelucid