How do you pass the 8th gym in Pokemon sapphire version?

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Well, there's a really specific pattern to follow to get to the gym leader (across the ice, that is), and for more inforamtion head to this site: As for him, go to this site: It's on the bottom of the page.
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How do you get through the 8th gym leader in Pokemon sapphire version?

  It is very complicated. so read very carefully. 1st. Go forward 1 tile then over on tile then up 1 tile then over 2 tiles then up 1 tile then over 1 tile then stand on (MORE)

How do you get into sootopolis gym in Pokemon sapphire?

You have to defeat Team Magma/Aqua in the Seafloor Cavern first. (You'll need Surf and Dive) The Seafloor Cavern is underwater on Route 128. Defeat Team Aqua (including leader (MORE)
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How do you get to the third gym in Pokemon Sapphire?

Simple step 1:have the 2nd badge in dewford town step 2:tell to the guy near a blueprint inside Stern's shipyard that you will bring the Devon goods to Stern step 3:deli (MORE)
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