How do you prepare a engineering project synopsis?

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Do the introduction then histroy working principle application and future and last but not least summarize it.
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What is a synopsis?

A synopsis is the summary of the plot of another work. It tends tolist the events in the order in which they were written, and ismuch shorter than the work it is summarizing.

How do you write a synopsis for a software project?

Three hours after I gave my name and e-mail address to Michael Fertik, the CEO of, he called me back and read my Social Security number to me. "We had it a coup

How do you write synopsis for game snakes and ladder to make your c project?

All games have morals; and the game of Snakes and Ladders captures, as no other activity can hope to do, the eternal truth that for every ladder you hope to climb, a snake is

How do you write synopsis for MBA project?

Synopsis is the summary of every project. You pick the main points from all the covered heading while preparing the synopsis. In simple, it is the summary of the project.

Synopsis for project of chat server?

ABSTRACT This report details the work done towards the project "Chat Server". This particular project is a solution developed to communicate between the users across wo

Synopsis of online test project in vb and access?

About the project: The project entitled "ONLINE QUIZ" has been designed and developed for to take a quiz. The system has different modules for various activities. Each