How do you program the RCA D770 universal remote if you lost your programming codes?

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Here is the link to the manual.
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How do you program a RCA RCR3273 universal remote?

Make sure the device is on. Hold down the tv (or whichever device your trying to program) button first and then the power button simultaneously until the red light stays on so

How do you program an RCA crk76df1 universal remote?

Remove the battery cover on the back of the remote and look for the model number ("RCR8153603P" for instance) . Consult list of TV codes for your model via: http://support.r

How do you program a RCA RCR3273 universal remote when you have the code?

Each code in the RCR3273 remote control is intended to work with a specific TV, VCR, DVD, Satellite, Cable, or DVR box. TV codes start with 1 and are intended to work with the

How do you program an rca rcr312w universal remote?

We tried and tried to do it by the instructions that came with the remote, but we just couldn't get it programmed. Then, on the web, we read instructions from a user which al

How do you program an RCA crk76ad2 universal remote?

The following directions I found worked for me to program my crk76ad2 remote: Turn on the component you want to program. 2 Press and hold both the TV/DVD/ect button and the po

What are codes for programming ge tv with rca universal remote rcr412b?

go to this website..
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How to program rca universal remote rcr314wr?

To program the RCA RCR314WR Remote Control, use either the Directcode entry, Auto code search, the Brand code search, or the Manualcode search.