How do you pronounce JUCHE?

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What is Juche philosophy?

The Juche philosophy was founded by Kim Il Sing and differs from the 'Juche' as propounded by Huwang Jang yop that is based on communist ideology. 'Juche' is based on the natu

What is juche?

Juche is a Korean word which can be translated as "subject" or as "spirit of self reliance". It is the name given to the Communist ideology of North Korea.

Who founded Juche?

The word juche , in Korea, was first drawn from 1887-1900translations of German philosophy, where it means "subject" (vs."object"). It was later adapted to an ideology of "se

What is the Juche Ideology of North Korea?

It basically is the idea of "up yours." It is the idea of being independent from any power and that the country and its people are able to sustain themselves.

What is a Juche socialist republic?

Jucheism, once established as a national theme, created an illusion in the North Korean leadership, that they could recover and excersise their capabilities as an initiator or

What do the word juche?

If you are asking what the word juice means, it is a liquid produced naturally by fruit. The most common juices come from oranges or lemons and usually have sugar and water ad

Why Juche is religion?

It exists only in North Korea and was started as propaganda to make people value Kim Jong Il. Kim Jong Il was born in a hospital in Russia and the Juche religion is a made up