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While many in the US and the UK incorrectly pronounce it as 'porsh', the brand and surname is correctly pronounced as a two-syllable word, 'POR-shuh'. This can be confirmed by calling any Porsche dealership anywhere in the world and noting how the person on the other end answers the phone.
Por-shuh can seem pretentious. Porsh(uh), where the last (uh) is more of a breath sound, and therefore almost silent, is much closer.
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Where do they make Porsche?

Porsches are made in Stuttgart, Germany.

Where are Porsches made?


Is Porsche pronounced porsha or porsh?

It's pronounced "Porsha" because it is a family name, and that's the way they pronounce it. Your location and/or the language have nothing to do with it. Hello Greetings from

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no you do not you drive porsche

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Idiot well Porsche was made in Germany in 1887 when the company was made the 2 owners were captured in world war 2 for selling the vw beetle to Hitler and working with him to

What is the Porsche made of?

metal, composites, rubber, plastic and love.

What is a Porsche h6?

Porsche H6 means Porsche Flat-6 Cylinder Engine

What is the Porsche symbol?

The Porsche Emblem is a combo of the Coat OF Arms of Stuttgart and the Coat Of arms of Wurttemberg and Porsche written on top.

Who owns Porsche?

49% of Porsche AG is owned by Volkswagen as of fall 2009. Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG (also Porsche SE) is a member of the Volkswagen Group. In the beginning of 2009 Porsche c

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Who invented the Porsche?

Answer   The very first Porsche, a hand-built aluminum prototype, was completed on June 8, 1948. The history of Porsche automobiles goes back much farther, however. We ha