How do you say I am sorry please forgive me in Filipino?

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Sorry. Patawarin mo ako.
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How do you say please forgive me in Hebrew?

Ana Slach Li - אנא סלח לי, if it is said to a male. Ana Silchi Li - אנא סלחי לי, for a female.

How do you say I am sorry in Filipino?

I'm sorry - Patawad forgive me - patawarin mo ako excuse me - pagpasensyahan nyo na po ko in saying sorry to Filipinos facial expression should also be expressed someho

How do you say I'm sorry please forgive me in Spanish?

"I'm sorry please forgive me" in Spanish is "Lo siento, por favor perdóname". It is pronounced "low see-EHN-toe, poor fah-BORE pair-DOE-nah-may". Please see this site for c

Why is forgiveness not simply saying you are sorry?

Forgiveness is not simply saying sorry because saying "sorry" without meaning it, can be taken as: -You're avoiding the problem. -You don't want to discuss the issue further

How do you say Please forgive me in hawaiian?

Ahhh so ya done somethin that resulted in stinkface eh? Never delay an apology for wrong doing because ya aren't sure how to say it right... "Sorry" works just as well if ya
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How do you say please forgive me in setshwana?

First and foremost there is no language called setshwana in SA, you might be meaning Setswana. If this is what you meant then you answer is: Ke koba tswarelo.