How do you say hello and goodbye in Malay?

Hello is -
a. Apa khabar? (What's news?)
b. Apa macam? (How are you?). Note c is pronounced as ch in English
c. Halo (same pronunciation as hello) - Colloquial (As in a famous '60's Malay song - Halo halo kawan saya)
Good bye is - a. Selamat jalan (Safe journey) Said to the person going
b. Selamat tinggal (Safe or good stay) Said to the person staying behind c. Selamat malam (Safe or good night) Said for a short journey
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In Wales

How do you say hello and goodbye in Welsh?

Goodbye: there are several ways of saying this. "Da bo ti" (familiar) and "Da bo chi" (formal) are the usual ones. There is also "ffarwel", which to be honest I have only ev (MORE)

How do you say hello and goodbye in Venezuela?

Most Venezuelans speak Spanish. To say "hello" and "good bye" in  Spanish is "Hola" and "Adios" respectively.
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How do you say hello and goodbye in Sinhalese?

    To say hello in sinhalese we say "Ayubowan"   bt it is pronounced as aaaayuboooowan!   & to say good bye.we say "subagaman"   or "gihin ennan!
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How do you say Goodbye and Hello in Yoruba?

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In Armenia

How do you say Hello and Goodbye in Armenian?

Hello բարև (Barev) - informal Բարև Ձեզ (Barev dzez) - formalGoodbyeThere are different ways to say this in Armenian, now keep in mind I will stick to Armenian even (MORE)

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