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How do you say hello my Christian brother in Hebrew?

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שלום אח שלי נוצרי or Shalom akhi sheli nozri. Some would prefer Shalom akhi sheli Meshichi
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What is the Hebrew word for hello?

Hello = Shalom (שלום) which literally means "peace". It's also usedfor goodbye. Shalom (שלום), which is also used for "goodbye".

How do you say 'Hello' in Hebrew?

"Hello" is " Shalom .". To say "What's up?" you can say " Ma koreh ?" . Sometimes, in an informal greeting, the Arabic word " Ahlan " is used.

How do you say your brother in Hebrew?

If you are saying it to a male you can say: Ach Shelcha - אח שלך, as well as Achicha - אחיך. If you are saying it to a female you can say both Ach Shelach - אח ש

Why do you say 'hello'?

  To say 'hello' is a form of greeting.

How do you say Christian in Hebrew?

A:As the identification of the Jewish Messiah with Jesus is not accepted within Judaism, the Talmudic term for Christians in Hebrew is Notzrim ("Nazarenes").

How do you say welcome brother in Hebrew?

אתה אח ברוך הבא I believe this is how you would write it according to Google Translate but I can't read it aloud... luckily, so many people learn Hebrew for religi