How do you say hello my Christian brother in Hebrew?

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שלום אח שלי נוצרי or Shalom akhi sheli nozri. Some would prefer Shalom akhi sheli Meshichi
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How do you say 'Hello' in Hebrew?

"Hello" is " Shalom .". To say "What's up?" you can say " Ma koreh ?" . Sometimes, in an informal greeting, the Arabic word " Ahlan " is used.

How do you say ''Hello how are you in Hebrew''?

To a girl: "Shalom, ma shlomech?" (שלום, מה שלומך). To a boy: "Shalom, ma shlomcha?" (שלום, מה שלומך).

How do I say hello and how are you both In Hebrew?

"Hello" is typically " sha-LOME ".. How are you is often " MAH shlome-CHAH ", meaning literally "what's your peace ?". Note : Wherever there's a "you" in a phrase, you have

How do you say hello how are you in Hebrew?

Hello = shalom (שלום) . How are you can be said different ways: . ma nishma (מה נשמע) . ma chadash (מה חדש) . ma shlomcha (×

How do you say hello brother in Navajo?

yá'át'ééh shitsilí - hello my younger brother yá'át'ééh shinaaí - hello my older brother