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How do you say no to someone you love but do not know if they love you?

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You just do. Sometimes you have to say NO even to those you know for sure love you. Saying NO is part of being responsible, shows self-respect, shows that one has a mind of his own. You shouldn't be forced to agree with something (whoever is asking you) just to please. If you have doubts, talk about them.
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How would you know if someone is in love with you?

  when that someone tries her/his best to always cheer you up. Trying to always be with you. Trying to know you and you knowing her/him. Always blushes and sometimes just

How do you know when someone loves you?

You know that someone loves you when you look into their eyes and they light up. When you can just hold each other for thirty minutes straight without talking, without looking

How do you know if someone is the love of your life?

when u know that the love of your life is with u is when u get butterflies when ever you see them. You always wish that he/she was there. when a person touches u and you feel

How do you show you love someone and how do you know if they love you?

If it's true love then it says it all in the eyes. There is a warmth of security and light of honesty in those eyes. They may put their arm around your waist, hold your hand

How do you know if you love someone or in love?

How to tell if you are in love? Only one person can answer that question & that person is you, but I will tell how it feels like to be in love, from what I have experienced. F

How do you know when someone is in love?

If it's yourself, you get butterflies and nervous every time that you see that person. You will not want to be far from them at any time, and you just feel funny inside. You w

How do you know if you love someone or not and if they love you back?

Be close to her/him and you will know but it's not a guarantee however knowing that you love someone usually flows effortlessly from within without you trying to prove it.But

What does it mean if someone says I love you but I am not in love with you?

well you dont love her/him so just forget about it. when they say that, they mean that they have love for you, and they care about you. there is a difference between loving s

If you love someone how do you know if they love you?

It's visible in their eyes...the way they look at you...  They'll treat you more special than others... They'll be protective of you... They'll find a reason to call you ever

How do you know when someone you love is tired of you?

Answer . \nOnly you can put this problem into perspective and here is some reasons why a man may appear tired:\n. \nWorking shift work\nWorking more than one job\nDepresse

How do you know when someone is truly in love with you?

  there is never any way to be truly 100% certain, the only way you can known is if they tell you. there are signs; looks etc, but these can sometimes be misconstrued as a

How do you know when you stop loving someone?

its a hard process but its easy to determen when u stop loving someone,you wont see them the same was you used to, everything they do bothers you, you start to talk to others

How do you know whether you love someone?

close your eyes and see if that persons image appears in front of  you but it's not always about what you see it's also about your  relationship if you think it's going well