How do you say no to someone you love but do not know if they love you?

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You just do. Sometimes you have to say NO even to those you know for sure love you. Saying NO is part of being responsible, shows self-respect, shows that one has a mind of his own. You shouldn't be forced to agree with something (whoever is asking you) just to please. If you have doubts, talk about them.
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well he will not answer your calls or texts. he will slowly stop talkin to you. there will be 1 person who talks 2 da most then you. he will almost think ur invisible.tht's ho

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I would say to the person who he/she is dating and let them handle it but if that person doesn't love you anymore at least the person knows that they don't love them anymore b
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If the mere sight of the person you think you're in love with causes you to have butterflies in your stomach or everything you do, you do so you can make that person happy or