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How do you say watching tv in Spanish?

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viendo la televisión
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How do you say like to watch sports in spanish?

Like to watch sports. first, what is the subject. Is it I like to watch sports, or he or she or we.. It makes a difference. I will translate it as "I like to watch sports." Me

How do you say watch the game in Spanish?

To answer this completely, a little context is necessary. Is this given as a command? WATCH THE GAME! or as a statement, "You watch the game every Saturday". For the first,

How do you say watch television in French?

"regarde la télé" - télé stands for télévision, of course, and is  used, too. Notice that the English word television derives from a  mix of ancient greek and latin...

How do you say ' watch television' in spanish?

  "Watch television" in Spanish is, "Mira la televisión." It is pronounced, "MEER-ah la teh-leh-bee-see-OWN." Sites such as learn-spanish.co.il provide audio pronunciatio

What does the Bible say about watching television?

A study of the Bible in the True [Holy] Spirit of God  reveals that this "first phase of life" that mankind is  living now is a "training ground" for Eternity, and the Life