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How do you scan Malayalam text and edit it?

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As of my knowledge a scanded document can not be edited and only if you have the Malayalam font in your system you can able to type it.
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Why can't you edit a paper that you scan to a computer?

  Scanned documents are usually saved as images, which can't be edited using regular office packages. In order to edit something you have scanned, you'll need to get OCR (MORE)

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Is scanning text or a picture plagiarism?

Not necessarily, but it could still be a copyright violation. Plagiarism is taking credit for someone's work or not giving proper attribution. But if you are copying to give a (MORE)

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What is the you in Malayalam?

Nee = you (but in most cases pleas sure to use 'ningal' when you are talking to a respected person, mom,dad,.. But its not necessery in case of friends) (നീ, നിങ് (MORE)

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How can I Edit text on scanned image in Photoshop?

You can't. The text is a physical part of the image when you scan it: you can only edit original text added to an image by Photoshop. However, you CAN, if the background isn (MORE)

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