How do you scan Malayalam text and edit it?


As of my knowledge a scanded document can not be edited and only if you have the Malayalam font in your system you can able to type it.
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Can you edit a scanned document?

Yes, if your scanning software has OCR (Optical character recognition.) OCR lets the computer know there is text in the document and then you can edit that text.
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How can I Edit text on scanned image in Photoshop?

You can't. The text is a physical part of the image when you scan it: you can only edit original text added to an image by Photoshop. However, you CAN, if the background isn' (MORE)

How do you edit text on Horseisle?

On Horseisle, to edit your profile click on the PROFILE button. When you can edit, you may do the following: Editing Colours- [red]- [orange]- [yellow]- [green]- [blue]- [purp (MORE)
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Why does a scanner change scanned text to images?

A scanner has no native ability to read text. It can only read optical data. The translation of the image into text is done by software on the computer. If the software does n (MORE)

Is there word count on text edit?

Click on 'Word Count' after clicking 'Tools' on the Microsoft Word Menu bar.. This is for Microsoft word. i want it for the free program TextEdit on macs.
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What is editing the text?

"Editing text" means changing the words or reformatting (making bold or italic or indenting etc.) Any changes are called "edits"
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