How can I Edit text on scanned image in Photoshop?

You can't. The text is a physical part of the image when you scan it: you can only edit original text added to an image by Photoshop. However, you CAN, if the background isn'

How do you edit text on Horseisle?

On Horseisle, to edit your profile click on the PROFILE button. When you can edit, you may do the following: Editing Colours- [red]- [orange]- [yellow]- [green]- [blue]- [purp

How do you scan and edit a document?

You can do this online. upload, convert to word & then edit at www.converttoword.comIts paid site but 50c for DIY & $2.0 for manual is worth all headaches at penny cos

How do you translate Malayalam text to English?

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Is scanning text or a picture plagiarism?

Is scanning text or a picture plagiarism?

Not necessarily, but it could still be a copyright violation. Plagiarism is taking credit for someone's work or not giving proper attribution. But if you are copying to give a