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How do you scan Malayalam text and edit it?

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As of my knowledge a scanded document can not be edited and only if you have the Malayalam font in your system you can able to type it.
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How do you edit a scanned text document?

A scanned document is technically a flat image. If you want to edit this document you will need to use something called OCR scanning (Optical Character Recognition). This soft

How do you edit a scanned document?

You can edit it by using OCR (optical character recognition) when scanning. This allows the scan to be seen as text and then it can be edited just like any other document.

How can I Edit text on scanned image in Photoshop?

You can't. The text is a physical part of the image when you scan it: you can only edit original text added to an image by Photoshop. However, you CAN, if the background is

Can you edit a scanned document?

Yes, if your scanning software has OCR (Optical character recognition.) OCR lets the computer know there is text in the document and then you can edit that text.

How do you scan photos into written text?

If you have printed text you want to get into a computer, you first need to scan the text as an image. Later you have to use an optical character recognition (OCR) program in

How do you translate Malayalam text to English?

H¡« J¦-n®X¡i ch: - H¡« ±d-g©l ch: - H¡« oY¬-d-j¡-±J-h¡i ch: - H¡« l¢-m§-©h¡-p¢-©c ch: - H¡«

How can you convert scanned documents to text?

The process is called Optical Character Recognition. You will have to install some software, there are plenty on the net OmniPage , ABBYY Finereader OCR, or Adobe Acrobat, how

What is editing the text?

"Editing text" means changing the words or reformatting (making bold or italic or indenting etc.) Any changes are called "edits"

How do you edit a scanned picture to size 4x6?

Do you mean how to resize image? First open image from File > Open in Photoshop then go to Image > Image Size. If you want to edit image you can do that regardless of source o

Is scanning text or a picture plagiarism?

Not necessarily, but it could still be a copyright violation. Plagiarism is taking credit for someone's work or not giving proper attribution. But if you are copying to give a
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What is edit text?

An instruction for you to do something.

What is text edit?

There is a piece of software called Text Edit. It is an open source word processor available with Apple and Unix-based operating systems.