How do you take care of special children?

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What special care does it take to grow blueberries?

Blueberry Care I have two blueberry plants. When I went to the green house to buy them, they told me that I would need 2 blueberry plants so they could cross pollinate each o

What are your experince in taking care of children?

Boys can give you a real hard time when they're big and girls can too sometimes. It gets harder and harder when they get older. And when they're little babies, you just have t
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How did the roman women take care of children?

Basically the same way we do just in ancient way not to be funny. They also were sad and happy when their sons went off to war. Happy because they thought they were fighting f
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Why do Greek women take care of the children?

Women have been the ones who have alwayslooked after the children from antiquity to the present day, exceptfor Western world, where men have been getting more involved inchild