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How do you unzip pivot stick download?

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Double clicking a zipped file will unzip it. Be aware that the Pivot stick animation software only works with the Windows operating system and will not work on Mac OS X. However Stykz is similar software available for the Mac that can import some Pivot animations. (See links below)
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Where can i download a good pivot stick girl?

www.droidz.org   they have 2 girls i believe one is a stk by its self called the school girl (under stickmen) and there is another one that is zero suit samus in the super

How do you download pivot stick figure on YouTube?

      You can try using a movie editor like windows movie maker. Followed by extracting the(be sure to save pivot as gif) image. Next you insert the video. And

Where can you download pivot stick animator?

For the safest download I would reccommend: Pivot 1: Pivot 2.2.5: pivot-stickfigure-animator.en.softonic.com/download Pivot 3 Beta: attachments.wetpaintserv.us/zi2n80fWl6QVs5

How do you download pivot sticks?

    go to droidz.org. select categories. just click on the one you like.     The Pivot Stickfigure Animator software is only available for Windows for a Mac ver

Where to download stick pivot 3 beta?

first go to google.com thentype in pivot 3 beta. first download the file then go to united desktop. then click my downloads. then at the bottom click pivot then it will appear