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From satellite images. You can view all kinds of things this way such as maps, terrain, 3D buildings, the oceans, canyons, and much more. More interesting is that you can see things in space like different galaxies.
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What is Google Earth Street View?

Street View provides users 360° horizontal and 290° vertical panoramic street level views within Google Maps and Google Earth. Google collects these photographs using spe

Why does Google Earth never show people even in busy street scenes?

  Based on the apparent resolution of automobiles; And considering that you're looking straight down on people standing or walking around... Each person, even very fat

How do you see a view from google earth?

Google Earth is a virtual globe, map and geographical  information program that was originally called EarthViewer 3D  created by Keyhole, Inc, a Central Intelligence Agency

How do you show elevation in Google Earth?

Under the View menu make sure 'Status Bar' item is checked  otherwise you won't see the elevation which appears on the bottom  of the map.

How do you view Google Earth Street View?

There are two ways you could just keep clicking on the street unless it doesnt let you (etc. small streets)i think there is a button of a small person at the bottom right of

How do you get Google earth- panoramic view?

Street View, google's high-res panoramic view, can be enabled in Google Earth v6 by dragging the orange "pegman" icon (found near the navigation controls) onto the map.

How do you get birds eye view on google earth?

type into Google: "would you please show me a birds eye view of (insert place you require a birds eye view of here) please your majesty, because i love you". I'm sure his maje

How do you use Street View on Google Earth?

In Google Earth v6 you drag the new orange "pegman" icon (found near the navigation controls) onto the map to enter Street View. As of Jan 2012 Google has discontinued Stre

How do you show your airplane on Google Earth?

Flightwise (formerly FBOweb) introduced the ability to track flights in Google Earth. They created some special network links to show the approximate positions of all the in-b

Does Google Earth save my views?

When you add a new placemark to your saved places these are saved in a file ' myplaces.kml ' on your computer. You can right-mouse click a given placemark and select 'Snapshot

How do you view pictures in Google Earth?

In Google Earth there is a Photos layer (includes Panoramio and 360 Cities) which if checked will show photos in the selected view. Click the square "photo" icon on map to see

How do you email a view in Google Earth?

Open File menu in Google Earth and select "Email" with two options: 1) Email view and 2) Email image. Select Email view to e-mail a KMZ file of the view which will lauch in

Where is Google Earth view menu?

The main menu in Google Earth is located along the top of the mainwindow with the sub-menus labeled: File, Edit, View, Tools,Add, and Help . View menu is the third option