How does Zeus the Greek god behave?

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Where did the Greek god Zeus live?

Mt. Olympus , Mountain peak, northeastern Greece. At9,570 ft (2,917 m), it is the highest mountain in Greece. It ispart of the Olympus range, lying on the border between Macedoniaand near the Gulf of Salonika. The summit is snow-capped and oftenhas cloud cover. In ancient Greece, it was regarded as (MORE)

Where did the Greek god Zeus come from?

His father was Cronos, who swallowed Zeus's older brothers and sisters.His mother, Rhea, gave Cronos a stone wrapped in baby clothes, instead. She gave baby Zeus to some nymphs to care for.Later Zeus killed Cronos and became Supreme Lord of The Skies.

How did Zeus the greek god die?

The Greek Gods were immortal, and were never depicted as in danger of "dying" - altho Cronus tried to kill the Olympians at birth by swallowing them -which didn't work, and they could be injured like Ares was during the Trojan War. If anything caused them to "die" it was the birth, spread, and eve (MORE)

Greek god Zeus?

Well if you want to know who Zeus is then he's the Greek god if the sky, ruler of all gods, and he's known for his "wandering eye".

What was the symbol of the Greek god Zeus?

Zeus had 4 symbols:. One of them was the eagle. The eagle represented Zeus's power and leadership. Also, it was a sacred bird to the Greeks.. The other was the lightning bolt. This was simply because Zeus was not only king of the Greek gods and godesses, but also the god of the sky, and he used th (MORE)

What were the Greek god Zeus' actions?

Zeus was the supreme ruler of the gods. He is lord of the sky, the rain god. His weapon is a thunderbolt which he hurls at those who displease him. He is married to Hera but, is famous for his many affairs. He is also known to punish those that lie or break oaths. He seduced lots of human women, as (MORE)

What can you tell about the Greek god Zeus?

Zeus was the god of the sky..... and the king of all gods and godesses. Oddly, he had hundreds of children..... and married his own sister Hera. Zeus (also known by his Roman name Jupiter) was the sixth child born of Rhea andKronos and is the youngest of his siblings:Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter a (MORE)

What is the story of the greek god Zeus?

zues is the son of cronus who is the son of uranus. Everytime cronus had a child he would eat them to keep them from defeating him and taking over the throne. Cronus ate all of zues's brothers and sisters as infants but Zues's mom did not like him doing this and so after Zues was born his mother gav (MORE)

Who is Zeus the greek god?

Zeus is the primary god and is one of the Olympians on Mount Olympus. The twelve main gods live here. They are Zeus' sons, daughters, and other relatives. His most treasured child is Athena.

Mother of Greek god zeus?

Rhea, titan of flow. She hid baby Zeus from his father Cronos after he swallowed the rest of his older siblings. Rhea gave him to a foster-mother which happened to be a goat named Almathea until he grew strong enough to over throw Cronos. Later, he ends up sacrifices Almathea. (Some Thank you...)

When and where did the Greek god Zeus die?

At the time of the flood. the super race was removed. Noah's family reinstated the human race.. New Answer. In mythology, he is a God. Gods cannot die. What is the person above talking about? I am sorry. He would not die from a flood.

Who was the greek god Zeus?

Zeus is the greek god of the heavens and air, and the king of gods. But NOT the god of winds who is Aeolus.

Zeus is the greek god of?

\nZeus is the God of Thunder,\nhe's also the head God, I guess you could say\naccording to Greek mythology.

The greek god Zeus?

yeah, what about him?lol!. Zeus . The son of Kronos and Rheia , Zeus (like his father before him) deposed his aged father from the throne of eternity. As Kronos was about to slay his father, Uranus, he was warned that his own son would someday depose him. In fear and greed, Kronos swallowed his (MORE)

What does the Greek god Zeus rule?

Lightning It is spelt Zeus and he was the God of the sky. Improved answer, Zeus (Roman name Jupiter) was the 'King' of the gods, ruler of Olympus, and the Olympian gods. Zeus was considered the god of the sky, air, weather and was also known as Lord of the Sky, Cloud - gatherer, Rain god and Thu (MORE)

Was Zeus the king of the Greek Gods?

Yes he was the king of the Greek Gods.. Zeus was king of the Olympians. The earlier Greek gods were the Titans, and Kronos (father of Zeus) was their king. When referring to the Greek pantheon, it is generally always the Olympians who are referred to.

What is the greek gods Zeus eat?

Zeus, like all the other gods, ate ambrosia. Ambrosia is etymologicially linked to the word 'apple' remember the golden apples on the island of the Hesperidies? Ambrosia. It gave the gods everlasting life.

What is Zeus the greek god known as?

Zues is the greek god of the sky. His brother, Poseidon is god of the sea (and horses) And his other brother, Hades is god of the underworld.

Was the Greek god Zeus trustworthy?

Perhaps reflecting the failings of human rulers (or monarchs in general), Greek mythology often depicts Zeus as untrustworthy, capricious, lecherous, and arbitrary.

History about Zeus the Greek god?

Zeus is the King of gods and rules the sky. He is also the owner of the master bolt. He is married to Hera and has many children like Athena and Aphrodite. He is also the brother of Poseidon and Hades.

Was Zeus a Greek god?

Yes, he was the chief Olympian god (god of the heavens) in Greekmythology. He was the son of Cronus (Kronos) a Titan who was amongthe earlier Greek deities. The later Roman counterpart of Zeus wasJupiter.

Why was Zeus a greek god?

he is a Greek god because he sliced up his father Cronus and put him in tartarus a huge hole in the ground in the under world. So Zeus became the ruler of Olympus and was also in one of the big three. The big three were Zeus, Poseidon and Hades.

Facts about zeus the greek god?

Here's one fact: He's real. Here is how I know that: One night i was sitting in my brother's room and my parents were eating dinner. Outside there was a horrible storm. It was pouring rain, there was thunder, lighting even! I hated it. So, i told my brother to pray to Zeus to make it stop. We pray (MORE)

What are the powers of Zeus the Greek god?

he shoots lightning from da sky! he can control anything in the sky like storms and lightning. he can basically do anything else except the things other gods can do ex. poseidon with water. Zeus cant do anything with it

Where is Zeus the greek god now?

He resides on Olympos, a state of existence that is reserved for Greek Gods/Goddesses and Heroes/Heroines. Olympos is a state or plane of Divine substance and the similarity to Mt Olympos is in name only. But his (Zeus' or Dias') domain/control lies beyond Olympos. It is said that the original twelv (MORE)

Who did Zeus the Greek god hang out with?

he does no have enough time to hang out with anyone he has fights and he is busy if he is the king of the gods i wonder what u would do it is different they have fights and stupid things use ur mind u dumb people that want to know the answer to the simplest question before u write the question and t (MORE)

What are the powers of the greek god Zeus?

Zeus had the powers of electricity shooting, flying, summoning, and most likely eagle mimicry. Zeus also had a fur cushion on his throne that when he shook it above the earth it created rain.

What power does Zeus the greek god have?

Zeus is the Greek god of the sky. He basically has the abilities to control the sky, more or less his abilities are to create storms and such. But he doesn't control the wind, there are four other gods that were said to control the winds, each of them having their own section north, south, east, and (MORE)

Was Zeus a greek or spartan god?

Zeus was the greek god of the sky;he was the king of gods. zeus was married to herra the goddes of marige and motherhood;queen of the gods. But in your question you asked if zeus was a greek or spartan god;well sparta is in greece. sparta is one of the most popular cities in greece; along with athen (MORE)

What does greek god Zeus carry and why?

He wore it to defend his self at all times and to show that he was important in all ways it was also to show that he was powerful and ruled over every thing.

What gods are related to Zeus the greek god?

All of them. In Greek mythology, all of the gods, titans, monsters and creatures can trace lineage back to a single point: Khaos. Thus, all of them are related - and quite closely too.

Was Zeus the greek god gay?

Greek gods, including Zeus, were described as bisexual, but nonwere exclusively gay. Zeus had many female lovers and at least onemale lover, called Ganymede.