How does a computer solve problems?

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hmm. that is actualy a hard one.
cause the pros are there. but a lot of cons to.
computers is faster in the calculating proses.
Computers can proses data that we cant do fast.
writing is faster in a computer.
comunication cause of a lot of computers is cinekted ti servers that is computers them self.
faster reaction time we might react in 1 sec the computer 1 milli sec. more or less.
time sparing, automatisation.

we get slow on the things the computers do for us.
we dont need computers realy but we make them nessesary.
todays humans wont survive cause of it if some thing hapens to al of the computers.
A computer can solve problems because it is one of the high-tech machines we use today, and if there are problems, the computer can easily be a good source of help. Like, if your computer is updated, it can give health tips, or money problems can be solved in various ways in a computer.
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What are the steps to solving a problem with your computer?

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Problem solved by computer?

Computers can solve several problems, such as cracking codes, performing bigand complex calculations and simulate weather.
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How can computer solve a problem in a second?

Computers are programmed with all the answers before they are sold so that when you ask the question, the computer can give you it's programmed answer "in a second".
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Can computers solve human problems how can they do it and why?

No, on their own computers can not solve the problems of humanity, only humans can do that. However, computers are powerful tools that can be used to model various aspect of t
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What is Problem Solving in computers?

With computers there are always going to be problems that need solving, if something stops working, you have to find out what the possible situation is, test the situation and