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How does a mother bear act with her cubs?

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A mother bear is very protective of her cub. She can get very aggressive and attack if someone or other animals get close to them.Mother bears are dedicated to their cubs, yet stern so they learn to survive out on their own when they are old enough.
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How long does a polar bear cub stay with its mother?

The polar bear cub stays with its mother for 2 or 3 years. The the cub goes to live on it's own. 2 years. Mamma bear puts baby up a tree and then leaves. Finally, baby climbs

Will a mother bear feign injury to protect her cub?

Good question. To feign means 'to pretend'. So you're asking would a mother bear 'fake' an injury to protect her cubs? No, but a mother bear would protect her cubs so fiercely

How long do black bear cubs stay with their mother?

For approximately the first year and a half. 17 months is usual but they have been known to stay with the mother as long as 29 months. Mothers usually run the cubs off in

When bears have cubs what do the cubs do?

they start playing baseball oh take me out to the ball game take me out to the crowd buy me some peanuts and craker jack i dont care if i ever get back for its root root root

If a mother bear with cubs charges at you while hunting is it okay to shoot her?

Most experienced bear hunters know that the charge is a bluff charge. They run up to you (charging) to SCARE YOU. Nine out of ten will be bluff charges. One out of ten will be

How does a mother bear raise her cubs?

The cubs stay with the mother bear for 2-3 years, nursing while  they are with her. As they grow older, they nurse less as they  learn how to hunt. Eventully, the mother bea