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How does a mother bear act with her cubs?

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A mother bear is very protective of her cub. She can get very aggressive and attack if someone or other animals get close to them.Mother bears are dedicated to their cubs, yet stern so they learn to survive out on their own when they are old enough.
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Will a mother bear feign injury to protect her cub?

Good question. To feign means 'to pretend'. So you're asking would a mother bear 'fake' an injury to protect her cubs? No, but a mother bear would protect her cubs so fiercely

How does a mother polar bear look after her cubs?

The bears make dens in snowbanks in preparation for the birth of their cubs. Cubs are usually born in the Winter and stay in the den until Spring when they emerge with their m

Why do mother bears tolerate cubs of other bears?

Normally they don't, as they're more concerned about taking care of their own cubs than another sow's cub or cubs. But on the occasion...

How does a mother bear raise her cubs?

The cubs stay with the mother bear for 2-3 years, nursing while  they are with her. As they grow older, they nurse less as they  learn how to hunt. Eventully, the mother bea