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How does a shading coil in a contactor actually work?

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A shading coil in a contactor is used to hold the AC contactor's pole faces closed during the transition of the voltage through the zero voltage phase of an electrical cycle.

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How do you know what contactor will work on your unit if you have a Trane model TWR042c100b2?

Most are fairly universal. Determine if you have a single pole or double pole contactor and see if the parts house will sell you one. If you know how to read a schematic, it (MORE)

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Why does an ac contactor need shading rings?

In a AC contactor, a shaded ring is essential to prevent it from buzzing twice a cycle. Ac contactor takes a input of alternating voltage resulting an alternating current and (MORE)

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What is contactor?

a contactor is generally looks like a small box connected to an electric circuit. it is what controls electricity flow to a motor. in the middle is normally a way to push in t (MORE)

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What is a shading coil?

A shading coil induces currents to create an additional electrical  phase. The coil pauses slightly to control magnetic flux. Delaying  magnetic flux allows for a secondary (MORE)

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How does an electrical contactor work?

  An electrical contactor works like a remote switch, usually to switch higher voltage/current circuits.   A contactor has a set of normally open and/or normally closed (MORE)

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What is a contactor coil?

A contactor is an electronically controlled switch that has a coil  and contacts. The contactor coil moves the contacts into position  by energizing the contactor. A contact (MORE)

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