How do you know what contactor will work on your unit if you have a Trane model TWR042c100b2?

  Answer   Most are fairly universal. Determine if you have a single pole or double pole contactor and see if the parts house will sell you one.     If you

Why does an ac contactor need shading rings?

In a AC contactor, a shaded ring is essential to prevent it from buzzing twice a cycle. Ac contactor takes a input of alternating voltage resulting an alternating current and

What is contactor?

a contactor is generally looks like a small box connected to an electric circuit. it is what controls electricity flow to a motor. in the middle is normally a way to push in t

What is a shading coil?

A shading coil induces currents to create an additional electrical  phase. The coil pauses slightly to control magnetic flux. Delaying  magnetic flux allows for a secondary
Shading ring in magnet of electrical contactor?

Shading ring in magnet of electrical contactor?

Best guess? A shading ring aborbs energy from a changing magnetic field, so I'm guessing it will slow the opening and/or closing time. Try a web search: electrical conta

How does an electrical contactor work?

  An electrical contactor works like a remote switch, usually to switch higher voltage/current circuits.   A contactor has a set of normally open and/or normally closed
How do electro pneumatic contactors work?

How do electro pneumatic contactors work?

      A contactor is an electrically controlled switch (relay) used for switching a power circuit.     an electro pneumatic contactor is similar to the abov

How does Riddex work and does it actually work?

They don't although some have had some short term results. it uses high frequency sound to irritate & repel but of course, they get used to it & not all pests will fin

Definition of coil in contactor?

  The coil in a "Contactor" is essentially an electromagnetic coil that provides the driving force to close the contacts in a Contactor. When the "Coil" is energized by a

How do you activate 240v coil using a 240v contactor?

The coil can be operated by taking one leg of the 240 volts from the top of the contactor and connecting it to one terminal of the coil. Take the other leg of the 240 volts fr
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Why do artists use shading in their work?

Most artist do! They shade in their work because it can give a drastic effect in the art. An Artist's Perspective The ability to use shading accurately is what will take a

What is a contactor coil?

A contactor is an electronically controlled switch that has a coil  and contacts. The contactor coil moves the contacts into position  by energizing the contactor. A contact