How does asteroids fit into the solar system?

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because each planet is millions of miles apart
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Where are asteroids found in the solar system?

Asteroids are mainly found in the asteroid belt which lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Some are also found around the gas giants (Jupiter and Saturn) as small moon

What is the smallest asteroids in solar system?

According to the Wikipedia article, it seems that anything smaller than 10 meters across would be called "meteoroid"; so that seems to be the size limit - by definition.. \n

Are asteroids found in your solar system?

Asteroids are found all over the solar system. The vast majority is located in the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

Why are asteroids as old as the solar system?

Yes. They formed with it and are part of it, therefor they are as old as it.

How many asteroids are there in solar system?

The number is uncounted. The problem is that asteroids come in all sizes (up to "dwarf planet," anyway) and the littler ones are undetectible as individuals (we can estimate t
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Is a asteroid apart of the solar system?

Yes. The asteroid belt - is a region of space that lies between theorbits of Mars and Jupiter. It's believed the region used to be anearly planet - which was struck by somethi