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How does child support work in the US?

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it works like this. if you get a divorce, the husband has to pay child support. it is like this because when they made this husbands worked and wife stayed home so the wife needed money to support the child.

Added: The above is a VERY BASIC answer. In actuality, the assessment of child support COULD apply to either parent. It applies to both parents regardless of sex, and it is awarded on the basis of which parent (Mom or Dad) is the 'custodial parent' (i.e.: the parent with permanent custody of the child(ren)).
It is calculated on a standardized (for that particular state) sliding percentage scale taking into consideration both the contributing and receiving parents income. Child support is awarded by court order or by order of the Department of Child and Family Services, and the 'contributing' parent can have their pay garnished for the awarded amount every month. For information about your particular jurisdiction, contact the family division of your state civil court system.
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Can you file for citizenship if you owe child support in the US?

 The answer is probably YES, if it has not been reported to the Federal government or the state has not taken action against you. In most cases states do a lousy job at coll

What exactly is child support to be used for used for?

It seems most likely to be a self-defining issue. Child support, (typically) being monetary or other essentials assistance to their wife/husband (Depending on who has custody)

Do you have to pay child support if you are not working?

You are still responsible for the ordered amount. It will accrue for every month you do not pay, so I suggest getting a job, you bum Depends on the situation and the country.

Do child support come out of federal work study?

>>"can child support come out of federal work study"   Federal Work Study monies are exempt from Child Support garnishment.   The basis for exempting Federal Work St

If im not working do i still have to pay child support?

  yes you do still have to pay i am out of work right now and they send me letters all the time want ing me to pay which i cant but it goes up every month are some dirty p

Can you get child support if the father is not working?

Each state has it's own guidelines and laws regarding child support, but in most states as long as the absent parent is capable of working a minimum wage job, ( not disabled)

If the father does not work can put him on child support?

In this economy, with so many out of work and losing unemployment benefits, orders are being put into place, but without an amount. The father has to regularly report his effo

Do you still pay support if your child works?

If the child is providing more than 50% of his or her own financial support, then no, child support would not continue. However, if 50% or more of his or her financial support

Can you file for Us citzenship if owe child support?

Yes, you can apply for U.S. citizenship if you owe child support, but you will need to supply proof either that you are current in your payments or that you are on a payment p

Do still pay child support if your child is working?

Yes of course. A minor does not have to support himself until he is 18yo. That is your obligation until then. In that case he could just stop working and be supported by you.

Does child still get child support if working?

Child support is dependent upon the age of the child, not the employment of the child.  Also, technically, it is not the child who gets child support, it is the child's custo