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One person says something that either has slight truth to it or no truth to it at all and then as more people hear the story it gets more destorted and further from the beginning. Ignorance and jealousy is also the beginning of a gossip story - someone that is jealous of someone or is just a hateful person starts stupid gossip and voila - so begins the gossip. Gossip is nothing but immature behaviour.
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What is gossip?

Gossip is the spreading of rumors and lies about others. It is also rumor or talk of a personal, sensational, or intimate nature.

Does someone that gossips not know that they are gossiping?

  Answer   Most of the time, a person who gossips doesn't realize that they are gossiping because they are so used to gossiping that it becomes oblivious to them whe

Who is 'Gossip Girl'?

Spoiler alert!    Many fans of the CW's Gossip Girl assumed that bad girl Georgina  was Gossip Girl herself. Other speculations included Eric, Jenny or  Chuck.  

How do you gossip?

Gossiping is easy (but it may have consequences!): You speak to friends about other people, friends or foes, including trivial facts, interesting stories and juicy information

How do you react to gossip?

ignore it. its as simple as that. if it doesn't work tell them you don't give a crap what they say and its pretty sad they have to spend their time that way. don't let it get

What are examples of gossip?

    Say you have a frenemy (sometimes friend, sometimes enemy, frenemy, isn't it cool?) and she is your enemy at the moment and tells everyone you kissed "nick" at the

What Gossip Girl episode does nate and Serena start dating?

In season 3, episode 13, Serena and Nate officially begin a  relationship. Prior to this, Serena is involved with Nate's married  cousin, Tripp, and after a car crash involv
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What is a gossip bench?

small bench with attached table for a phone. The idea is to sit and gossip on the phone.

How do you spell gossipped?

Both "gossipped" and "gossiped" are correct variant spellings. The single-P version is more prevalent in the US, as is "gossiping."

Can gossiping be a tort how and why?

Whether gossiping results in a tort depends on the nature of the gossip itself. Opinions expressed are protected under the freedom of speech, but facts that are can proved or