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One person says something that either has slight truth to it or no truth to it at all and then as more people hear the story it gets more destorted and further from the beginning. Ignorance and jealousy is also the beginning of a gossip story - someone that is jealous of someone or is just a hateful person starts stupid gossip and voila - so begins the gossip. Gossip is nothing but immature behaviour.
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What is a sentence for gossiped?

Mary's friends gossiped about her new boyfriend. The two friends gossiped while they were supposed to be doing homework. You two have gossiped long enough! Basically, just us

How do you quit gossip?

First of all you don't even want to start gossiping. Gossiping is when you talk about people behind their backs and say things that possibly aren't true. When you gossip about

Why do people gossip?

shallow  # krool  # mean  # demeaning  # sad  # stupid  # need to learn all people are the same  # need to stop gossiping  # need smacked  # dumbly

What is gossip?

Gossip is the spreading of rumors and lies about others. It is also rumor or talk of a personal, sensational, or intimate nature.

What is gossip wheel?

A 'gossip wheel' in regards to a spinning wheel is a wheel that has two bobbins flyers on it. Both are driven by the same treadle, usually. This would allow two people to sit

What is the opposite of gossip?

ANSWER  The opposite of gossip is non gossip which means you don't gossip at all!  ANSWER   Gossip is defined as an intimate or sensational fact revealed about a person

Why do girls gossip?

  Because they want to value themselves to society and it's something to talk about. But saying stuff behind a persons back is not a very right thing to do. Because the pe

Does someone that gossips not know that they are gossiping?

  Answer   Most of the time, a person who gossips doesn't realize that they are gossiping because they are so used to gossiping that it becomes oblivious to them whe

Why is gossiping bad?

sometimes gossiping is bad cuz it may lead to rumors,but in my case it duznt and i dont think gossip is bad ANSWER Gossip is bad because someone can start a rumor about so

Do Filipinos gossip?

Yes, most definitely. I've lived there. It's an undeveloped country with many people out of work. They have nothing better to do than to get together in groups and tell everyo

How do you know if it is gossip?

Well fist of all u will know this if it spreads around quickly and let's say u walk by other people and they r talking around the gossip the will either look at u and laugh or

Who plays Trip in Gossip Girl?

Trip Van-Der-Bilt from Gossip Girl is played by Aaron Tveit - click there for more information on this actor.