How does kazuma die?

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Nobody knows for the writer died.................................................
But he will not likely die at an early age of course.
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Does kazuma love ayano?

No, Kazuma is actually with Hana, Tohru's friend... No Kazuma loves Ayano but his first love was Tsui Ling Yes I think he starts to at the end... in the beginning he didn't

Does ayano love kazuma?

Ayano has a huge crush on kazuma that eventually becomes love, because whenever she is near him she can't help but blush!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does kazuma kiss ayano?

they dont actually kiss but in episode 4 its like a kiss he has to kiss her to get medicine in her mouth and in episode 8 he kisses her on the nose and episode 24 he kisses he

Are Kazuma and Ayano cousins?

Yes, they are cousins. They are from the same family, and have the same last name. Also he mentions them being "distant relatives" in the anime. Kazuma's dad and Ayano's dad a

What does the name kazuma mean in Japanese?

It could mean '10,000' , also 'Original Truth' among many others. [Names aren't supposed to always bear a meaning, in case of Japanese names there are almost always more tha

What does Kazuma manufacturer?

Kazuma is a company that manufactures vehicles like quads or some parts of them. Someone can purchase vehicle parts online to repair the Kazuma quads.