How does occupational therapy assist in spinal muscular atrophy?

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As muscle weakness progresses and affects posture, occupational therapy can provide assistive devices and strategies to maintain positioning and movement, such as specialized wheelchairs and reaching devices.
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Who discovered spinal muscular atrophy?

Charles Norris discovered spinal muscular atrophy in 1958. While he was experimenting with lettuce, he noticed than SMN neurons flowing through the vegetable caused loss of mo

What is Spinal Muscular Atrophy?

Causes weakness and wasting of voluntary muscle in arms and legs of infants. Occurs in brain and spinal cord of body. This is caused by missing gene known as survival motor n

How do you prevent X-linked spinal bulbar muscular atrophy?

The only way is to prevent the birth of an affected boy. You can do a test on an already conceived fetus (amniocentesis or chorionic villous sampling) or you can have in vitro

What are spinal muscular atrophies?

Spinal muscular atrophies (SMAs) are a wide group of genetic disorders characterized by primary degeneration of anterior horn cells of the spinal cord, resulting in progressiv
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What is the difference between spinal muscle atrophy and muscular dystrophy?

Muscular dystrophy is a genetic disorder. There are several forms of this disorder. Spinal muscle atrophy is similar in some ways to MD, but it is seen in little children fi
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What kind of disease is spinal muscular atrophy?

Spinal muscular atrophy is an autosomal recessive disease. The severity of spinal muscular atrophy varies, and is the most common genetic cause of infant death.