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This is really an individual decision, but generally no more than 10 years in detail. Basically, when designing a resume, you are trying to market yourself to best effect. This means the only rule is: include what makes you look attractive, exclude what doesn't. Of course that sometimes a challenge to figure out, but that's really the key. Louise Fletcher President and CPRW Blue Sky Resumes
depends on what type of job you are looking for. If you have rocky history and the job requires it, give it. eg. If you're a robber and the co. wants one, just tell them how good u have been. Just get the job whatever be the cost.
Additionally, one can avoid the "history" type of resume by instead grouping one's skills. For example,

Compensation Management

* created a new structure for sales incentive programs

a. This involved major changes in the XYZ corporation and the Smith corporation.

* Cut costs and spending

a. Reduced costs by using different vendors at the XYZ corporation...
Answer: Your resume must make the first impression before you get to walk in the door. A recruiter once told me don't bother going back past 15 years. List your skills on your resume and back up with accomplishments. Have you created anything, done anything really signifucant that stood out to your boss? Basically be confident and tell your story on your resume. An excellent book is the Knock Em Dead series. Check it out st the library or buy, you will not regret it. My nephew landed his job reading something over the phone directly from the book and it helped me get two different jobs.
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