How has movies changed?

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The question is a bit vague - however, a quick response to"how have movies changed" could include: silent to sound
black and white to color
implied situations to explicit situations
inoffensive language to offensive language
no blood to excessive blood
a host of technical advances in the areas of lighting, sound, cameras, special effects, etc.
movies have become more colorful and more unreal
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What changes when a book is adapted for a movie?

Telling a story on film in less than two hours that may take a reader several more hours to read in a book means that some sacrifices and compromises must be made. The basic

What movies have the theme of change?

The films i can think of are:. - Bend it like beckam . - Edward sizzor hands . - Toy story. - Shrek. - Looking for Alibrandi. - Wild Child. - Finding Nemo.

What changes in society did 1960s movies have?

Some films pushed the envelope morals-wise by digressions into such thematics as homosexuality ( The sergeant, Midnight Cowboy, Gaily Gaily) some films dealt with drug abuse a

What lyrics were changed in the movie Aladdin?

A line in the opening song "Arabian Nights" of Disney's Aladdin (1992) was changed. The original line: "Where they cut off your ear if they don't like your face/ It's barbar

How do you change the language in movie maker?

I think you have to download Windows Movie Maker in the desired language. Though I am not 100% sure, I don't know of an integrated option/feature that allows you to change the

How do movies change overtime?

Well compared to before movies have more computers involved with computer generated images and there are many effects involved. I'm guessing in the future the effects will jus

How do you changes a movie format to avi?

To change a . MOV file for an . av i file you will need a video converter. Free video converters are available online. Simply Google: free video converters. Download one. F

Why does megatron change in each movie?

probably because megatron is a rare type of decepticon hes a triple changer so he scans three vehicles all at once and picks which one he wants and stores the data of the othe

How does Bella Swan change in the Movie?

As you may know, she becomes pregnant with Edward's half-vampire child. When she is giving birth, she breaks many bones and is under a lot of pain. Edward then injects the vam

How do you change the audio track in a movie?

To change the audio in the Audio/Music track, simply delete it and put something else in its place. To change the audio of a video in the video track, first Mute the audio