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The question is a bit vague - however, a quick response to"how have movies changed" could include: silent to sound
black and white to color
implied situations to explicit situations
inoffensive language to offensive language
no blood to excessive blood
a host of technical advances in the areas of lighting, sound, cameras, special effects, etc.
movies have become more colorful and more unreal
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How did the movie Psycho change America?

Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (1960) has been called The mother of all Slasher Movies, and many would consider it to be the first 'true' slasher film. Psycho paved the way for Joh

Why did they change actresses in the movie the prince and me?

Well, first of all, Julia Stiles is now a recognized actress, and at the time she did "The Prince and Me", she was basically a stranger.She got the roles of Bourne Identity an

How did movies change to compete with tv in the 1950's?

They went to a wide screen format to have an advantage over the square box of a TV screen. Movies Became 3D in the 1950's to lure in the dwindling customers, also to improve

What changes in society did 1960s movies have?

Some films pushed the envelope morals-wise by digressions into such thematics as homosexuality ( The sergeant, Midnight Cowboy, Gaily Gaily) some films dealt with drug abuse a

What lyrics were changed in the movie Aladdin?

A line in the opening song "Arabian Nights" of Disney's Aladdin (1992) was changed. The original line: "Where they cut off your ear if they don't like your face/ It's barbaric

How did oskar schindler change throughout the movie?

Oskar Schindler at the beginning was a typical German. As the war went on, he witnessed how the Jews were treated. He felt pity and started to pay for them to work at his fact

Was the ending changed in the movie The Bravados?

Yes the movie was changed. Originally, Gregory Peck killed Henry Silva and moved in and had sexual relations with Silva's on screen wife. After a long a sordid affair, he retu
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What movies have the theme of change?

The films i can think of are:- Bend it like beckam - Edward sizzor hands - Toy story- Shrek- Looking for Alibrandi- Wild Child- Finding Nemo 

How do you change look on Movie Star Planet?

First you go shopping and look for stuff you like, make sure you have enough star coins then you confirm you want to buy it. and then click your character and its player card