How is Donald Trump a robber baron?

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Is Henry Ford a Robber Baron?

Answer . No, Ford is not considered a robber baron; rather, he's known as a captain of industry. He didn't engage in trust agreements (which were illegal) or consolidation. He in no way stifled free trade and competition. What he did do was use smart, fair business practices, such as pay his worker (MORE)

Was John D Rockefeller a robber baron?

J. D. Rockefeller was considered both a robber baron and a captain of industry. No he wasn't, he was simply a man that knew how to invest and make sure that his companies were prosperous. He was a philantropist who gave back to many organizations and colleges. Rockefeller gave 10% of every paycheck (MORE)

Who were the robber barons?

The "robber barons" were industrialists and businessmen in the US during the late 19th and early 20th century. They were so called because their methods of enriching themselves were equated to feudal lords of medieval Europe, who stole from both travelers and serfs. The business methods they employe (MORE)

What did the robber barons do?

Robber Barons were wealthy businessmen who were known to use harshpractices to gain their wealth. They often used child or cheaplabor, did not adhere to safety regulations and worked theiremployees long hours in order to keep production high.

What did robber barons do?

Robber barons were wealthy and powerful 19th-century Americanbusiness men, who had unethical business practices and exploitedlabor, and questionable stock market dealings. John Jacob Astor andAndrew Carnegie were labeled as robber barons.

Who were robber barons?

\n . They stole from public places and worked for there own benefits, the opposite of a captain of industry.

Who is an example of a robber baron?

Jay Gould is an example of robber baron because he was a businessleader who became wealthy through dishonest methods. Others areRockefeller and Carnegie.

What were Robber Barons?

Robber barons were the Captains of Industry who were looked at as evil and bad because they took away the capitalism from other people and no one could compete with their achievements. Robber Barons were also thought of to use political power to get advantages in their work to stay ahead of people a (MORE)

How was Cornelius Vanderbilt a robber baron?

The term "robber baron" is very imprecise and is applied as a name for people who made money in industry or transportation during the 19th century. Since Vanderbilt made a lot of money during this time, he was called a robber baron.

Why was cornelius vanderbilt a robber baron?

The term robber baron was coined to describe Cornelius Vanderbilt.It was a derogatory term meant to criticize his goal to eliminatecompetition in both the steamboat and railroad industries whilebecoming extremely rich in the process.

Why was robber baron important?

Robber barons were important because their terrible actions led toimprovements. The union movement came about because of the wayrobber barons treated workers. This led to a better life forworkers.

What was the impact of robber barons on American history?

Robber baron is a pejorative term used for a powerful 19th century United States businessman and banker. The term may now relate to any businessman or banker who used questionable business practices to become powerful or wealthy.

Was joe Kennedy a robber baron?

History portrays Joe Kennedy as a less than honest man, who lacked character. He is said to have made most of his money during prohibition performing illegal activities of the time. It is reported that he had ties to the mafia as well. Some of these rumors have haunted the family throughout time

How was jay gould a robber baron?

Yes most consider him to be a robber baron of the 19th century. He helped to corner the gold market, yet him plan fell apart on black friday. Although he had many industry advancements he got there with unethical tactics

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Were the industrialists Robber Barons or Savvy Entreneurs?

The industrialists were no different than anyone else, in that they were out to make money. They saw a means of doing so via efficiencies and innovation as opposed to 40 hours a week of some sort of labor or service, as the majority of people do. To call them robber barons would be to "bite the hand (MORE)

What is the main idea of the robber barons?

I can help you define robber baron. Robber is the worst theft, theft is just sneaky and lies and Mark Twain says damnable lies. The Robber cuts your jugular veins and places false evidence of other drugs or murder fights or rape and has the entire earth hating you and uses the money to harm your off (MORE)

How did the robber barons get their name?

A baron is anyone that has a great amount of wealth and influence in a specific area. The phrase was established by political pundit Matthew Josephson in a book written during the Great Depression, and it was applied to successful business that existed during the period of time at the end of the 19t (MORE)

Is Andrew Carnegie a robber baron or a hero?

Andrew Carnegie was seen as both. A hero for his outstanding Philanthropic resume. He gave a lot to make public libraries, churches, schools, and often some lakes for people to kayak. Named after him. A Robber Baron for his misuse of workers. He paid his workers very little for a lot of work that (MORE)

Where is Donald Trump?

His offices are in New York, but as a nationally-known businesstycoon and television celebrity, he frequently spends time in othermajor cities such as Los Angeles or Las Vegas. As of the 2016 election, he has been in the White House.

Who is a modern day robber baron?

J.P Morgan was one, he owned JP Morgan & co. bank that in 2000 joined with chase bank theat now is JP Morgan Chase & Co. which is chase today. He also owned United States Steel co. and he owned alot of things and he was a millionare. he had two wifes and four kids. he gave a national art musseum alo (MORE)

Was Mark Hopkins a robber baron?

He was a robber baron. He worked for the railroads in California. (A robber baron was a business leader who became wealthy through dishonest methods.)

Where did the term robber barons come from and what does it mean?

This goes back to the Dark and Middle Ages in Europe when law and order were not well established. Barons were a lower grade of noblemen who did not always have land. Some of them built strongholds (castles or fortified houses) at strategic places in remote areas and kept a lookout for wealthy looki (MORE)

Is Steve job a robber baron?

No. The term "Robber Baron" dates from the early 1900's when men like Rockefeller, Carnegie , Pullman, Goodyear and others controlled all the economic wealth of the country . Our robber barons now are the bankers and stock exchange as well as the gas companies. When a company makes profits without a (MORE)

What Robber Barons died on Titanic?

Andrew Carnegie, who did not sail Titanic could be considered arobber baron (even tho he gave away 90% of his fortune), donated$5,000 to needy survivors of the sinking of Titanic,

How did robber barons encourage competition?

They didn't. The whole point of Robber Baron was to consume the marketplace for a commodity like Tea or Steel or Cotton with control that allowed high profits through price-setting control. Robber Barons popped up in unlikely places- newspapers -Hearst; Steel -Carnegie, Mellon, Oil-Rockefeller (Stan (MORE)

What were the medieval robber barons?

Robber barons were those men that had sworn an oath to the King orreigning noble in their individual states or Duchies. They had goneto war for their liege and returned home, only to find the life wasboring and uninteresting compared to combat, so they bandedtogether and started terrorizing whole ar (MORE)

What is a characteristic of robber barons?

Robber barons where men such as big tycoons who held monopolies over others, meaning robber barons where greedy/selfish people who did not give back to society or treat people as well as "captains," captains were those wealthy that were looked upon as leaders.

Are robber barons the same as carpetbaggers?

Robber barrons are not the same as carpetbaggers. Robber barrons is another name for captains of industry, these were leaders like Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller. They ran businesses during the Guilded Age. Carpet baggers are notherners who traveled south during reconstruction to take part (MORE)

Is Joshua Mills a robber baron?

According to Matthew Josephson in the mid-30s, Joshua Mills is a robber baron. However, in the present day he is simply called a "billionaire". His longevity (some say immortality) is due to a nasty run in with a vampire named Asha in the 40s while serving in the war. May he continue to amass capita (MORE)

How was Frank Woolworth a robber baron?

Woolworth began the highly successful merchandise F.W. WoolworthCompany in 1879. People of similar professions, status, andsuccess, became known as "robber barons" during the late 19thcentury.

What did the Robber Barons do that was unfair?

In the eyes of the tradesmen who were usually their victims:everything. A tradesman who fell into his hands could considerhimself lucky to survive the meeting, at best with only half ofwhat he had before. Also, they were no Robin Hoods who stole fromthe rich to give to the poor. The robber barons al (MORE)

What was the pros and cons of the robber barons in the US?

In speaking about the so-called US 19th century robber barons, suchas Rockefeller and Carnegie, their results were two-fold. Theycreated millionaire dynasties and were at times cruel bosses, theyalso engineered great industrial progress. And, it can be said thatRockefeller did provide certain good b (MORE)