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How is Hades different than ares?

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they both dont have the same power
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Is Hestia older than Hades?

Yes and no, Hestia is the first born of the Titans Cronus and Rhea, making her the oldest of the gods. Her life didn't actually start because she was eaten by Cronus. Then whe

Is Hades older than Hera?

It depends of the legend In some versions of the story Hades was the second born child in others His sisters were born first and he, Poseidon and Zeus were born afterwords.

How is Hades' aura different from Ares in The Lightning Thief?

The aura of Hades is more of a death and sadness aura while Ares has more of a fiery death and war air to him. Ares represents the world of fighting and has empty eye sockets

Is Hades stronger than Zeus?

No, Zeus is the King of the Gods right, he defeted his father, not Hades who was too scared You are SOOOO WRONG, it's rediculous. Look into the actual Mythology.

Who would win Ares vs. Hades?

why is this in "gorillas"??? Hades would win due to his ability to summon the assistance of the dead, who far outnumber the living.

Is hades older than Satan?

The idea of Hades, and the place of "Hades" as the Underworld, is in Greek myth, which is much older then Christianity. So, if such beings exist, Hades would be older.

Was Hades afraid of Ares?

Is death afraid of war? No. Ares, when hurt, shows a fear of death/Hades.