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What does ryu mean?

ryu mean dragon   it also mean way or path.   In Japanese martial arts, ryu refers to style or school of martial art. For example, there are sword schools with differe

Who is ryu father?

I would say that he is because; Akuma never had Satsui No Hadou At birth but when akuma trained under goutetsu he gained his Evil power. And that proves that not only can Sats

Who is Evil Ryu?

Evil Ryu is a character in Ultra Street Fighter 4. His power lies  in his axe kick, and he has excellent fireball start-up and  recovery.

Goju ryu vs shotokan ryu?

There should be no "VS" of which style is better in the martial arts. Any style has it's benefits. It's more of the person, their dedication and their discipline. There is no

Who is Ryu and Ken?

Ryu and Ken are people that are in a cartoon game series called street fighters. Ryu is from Japan I think, and Ken is from the U.S.

How old is ryu?

If you are talking about Ryu Matsumoto, he was born in 1951. So that would make his age about 60-61 years old.

Which karate style is older Shorin Ryu or Goju Ryu?

It is pretty hard to say one is older that another considering they all have the same origins. They split out into separate styles during the last century. My reference shows

How many kata are there in Uechi Ryu?

9 katas total 3 main katas originated china and were practiced in the original pangainoon style and 5 kata's other katas were invented by master kanei uechi. 4. sanchin
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What is Acudo ryu?

Acudo ry is a matial art that uses the acupuncture points. Most marital artists know how and when to hit, but often they have problems with knowing where. The main focus in Au
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Who was Allen ryu?

A genius 8th grader in Mississippi who loves doing math. He  finished 27th in the national MATHCOUNTS competition last year and  was a near miss USAJMO qualifier. His goals