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A volcanic island or underwater mountain forms via volcanic activity. This allows a surface near the water surface for corals to attach too. The corals form a ring around the volcano.
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What is an atoll?

An island of coral that encircles a lagoon partly or completely.

How is a coral reef formed?

  A coral reef is formed when the calcium carbonate skeletons of dead corals serve as the foundation upon which layers of successively younger animals attach themselves. 

How are coral reefs formed?

Coral reefs are formed when one coral stays plotted down in one area. After time, that coral dies, and another attaches to that dead one and lives there. This happens over and

How do coral reefs form?

When coral polyps die, their exoskeletons are left for new polyps to build upon. Over long periods of time this process creates reefs.

How is coral formed?

The skeletons of dead corals are the foundation upon which layerer upon layer of successively younger animals attach themselves. The coral animal, or polyp, is colulmn shaped.

How does an atoll form?

An atoll is formed first as a reef that fringes a volcanic island. As the island sinks (after the volcanic activity has ceased and the crust has cooled, becoming denser), th

How does a coral reef form?

A stony coral colony begins as a single free-swimming founder coral polyp that attaches itself to a hard substrate such as submerged rocks. The founder polyp replicates itse

How are coral and limestone formed?

  coral is a plany. limestone is the poop of long dead organisms pressurised ocer time by rock.   coral is a plant. limestone is the poop of long dead organisms pressur

How can coral atoll be attached to ocean floor when coral cannot live or form reefs in the deep ocean?

                Coral atoll are tiny sea animals that live in shallow water, but when reefs form the new coral grow over the skeleton of the ol
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How does coral reproduce how does reef form?

Coral reproduces sexually. If the moon is right coral will release sperm and eggs. If they meet up it will eventually latch onto something and grow. Coralreefs grow because as