How is acceleration different from speed?

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Speed is the how much velocity one has, regardless of the direction.
Acceleration is the change of velocity over time.
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What is the difference between speed and acceleration?

Speed is the measurement of how fast your location is changing. It is the scalar value of velocity, which is speed in a given direction. Velocity can change without a chang

How are speed velocity and acceleration different?

Velocity is a vector, meaning that it has a direction. When it is being expressed, the direction is given with it (e.g. 5m/s NW). Speed is a scalar, not a vector, so it doe

What is the difference between speed acceleration and velocity?

Speed is the measure of distance covered in specific time - 7 metres in 2 seconds or 45 kilometres in 1 hour Acceleration is the change in velocity Acceleration is measure

How are constant speed and constant acceleration different?

There is a huge difference between constant speed and constant acceleration. Constant speed is when the object is travelling constant, no change in its velocity and accelerati

What is the difference between instantaneous speed average speed and acceleration?

Instantaneous speed: The speed at which I'm moving right now, this instant. Average speed: (The distance I covered during some period of time) divided by (the length of time)

Causes objects to fall with different accelerations and speeds?

gravity, drag, if an object has a high mass number it falls quicker and if it has a large surface area it falls slower. Think about it this way, if you throw a parachute unope

What are the differences between acceleration speed and velocity?

Acceleration is the change in velocity. That is, if you're going faster, you're accelerating in the positive direction. If you're going slower, you're accelerating in the nega

How are acceleration and speed different?

Well speed and acceleration are very different but can be related. Speed is how fast something is going, like 60 miles per hour. Acceleration on the other hand is how fast an