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Well,well,well. It is, and it isn't because if he is small, it sucks. If he is to big, it could hurt a bit. But if he is just the right size for you. Then its more the merrier. Have fun in the sheets.
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What is a romantic language?

Romantic languages are the languages that descend from the Latin language. There are many languages that are considered a romantic language; the three most popular is French,
What is a romantic dance?

What is a romantic dance?

The Tango is considered a romantic dance. The Rumba can be considered "romantic" in some sorts since it is the "marriage" dance. The Baion is a slow song with a Samba feel if
What is noun of romantic?

What is noun of romantic?

The noun romantic is a singular, common, abstract noun; a person with romantic beliefs or attitudes; a romantic writer, composer, or artist. Another noun form is romance.

How can you make your first time having sex with your current boyfriend extremely romantic?

if it was meant to be sex wouldn't matter. you relationship will already be romantic therefor you will not need to worry. but if you want to make it nicer try having a meal an

What if your wife is not romantic?

In marriage open communication is important so that if you think that the partner is not romantic then be frank enough and teach her. I think when people are really that in lo

What is romantically apocalyptic?

An online comic following the adventures of a group of people, who  somehow survive their own insanity AND the harsh landscape, but it  isn't very serius, wacky though.
Where can you find romantic sex videos?

Where can you find romantic sex videos?

If you mean porn, you can find it practically everywhere... Answer Uh...I've never watched porn but I seriously doubt there is any romance in it.

How do you have romantic dreams?

I'm guessing that the simplest way to do that is to think about the someone that you want to dream about before you go to sleep. Much as one might wish otherwise, dreams are

What is a proto-romantic?

In, Proto-Romantic usually refers to the generation of musicians between the Classical era (Mozart, Haydn) and the Romantic Era (Schumann, Mendelssohn). Some Proto-romantic co

How do you have romantic sex?

To have a romantic sex If you are a boy: Snog herstroke her boobstell her how much you love herplayfight and get into it If you are a girl: Snog himstroke kimtell him how much
What are romantic elements?

What are romantic elements?

There are six different romantic elements in literature. The first  is believing in both the individual and common man. The second is a  love and respect for nature. Third i

What is your definition of romantic?

  romantic in my on own opinion means doing something that u have never done before that will make her fell special. for example on your anniversary, you have to do someth

What do Romantics believe in?

A romantic belies that things will always turn out alright; that there is good in every body, no matter what despicably act they may commit; that everything will come up roses

What is a romantic montage?

A montage is representation of different pictures or short film of  about 1-10 seconds, merged in a video format to convey message to  the audience.    A montage is a