How is sex romantic?

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Well,well,well. It is, and it isn't because if he is small, it sucks. If he is to big, it could hurt a bit. But if he is just the right size for you. Then its more the merrier. Have fun in the sheets.
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Is sex considered romantic?

In general, Yes sex is considered romantic as it can be an intimate way of showing your partner you love them. However it does not always have to be romantic, some people ma

How do you be romantic?

Do little gestures. They do not need to cost anything at all even.Never forget to tell them you love them, or that you are lucky tohave them. The power of words is amazing. Fi

How can you be romantic?

I'm going to assume you're a guy.... Buy her flowers, chocolate, dinner. Dress up - wear a suit or tuxedo if the occasion calls for it. If you have a talent, use it - if you p

How to be romantic?

The first romantic tip is; be spontaneous! The next tip is letting your partner to know what you like, then do something special for him or her, so that he or she has an idea

What can you do to be romantic?

ANSWER: Oh! you poor thing, to become romantic is not hard. All you have to do is let your heart tells you what you wanted to do. Your heart will help you feel how special

How do you have romantic sex?

To have a romantic sex If you are a boy: . Snog her . stroke her boobs . tell her how much you love her . playfight and get into it If you are a girl: . Snog hi

When was romantic?

Romaticism in literature and the arts in Germany had its heyday from about 1795-1830 or slightly later and continued in a rather trite form for several decades. Please note th

How can you have great romantic sex?

you start off by kissing, then making out, then sex.. this is what is involved: men:penis, teeth, nipples, lips, tounge. women: breasts, butt, nipples, neck, front private, l

Is humping usually fast and hard sex or is it slow and romantic sex?

well the way i see sex period is like this sex: is a sensation caused by a temptation when a man sticks his "location'' in a girls destion to increase the population for th

How can be romantic?

Send her a big bunch of roses with a little tag saying a little love poem or "Roses are red, violets are blue, my love for you is very true", or take her out on a candle lit m