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Easy, it's not....
"Test Tube" babies are a product of a process in which an egg and a bunch of sperm are isolated in one tube (dish) and once the egg is fertilized, it's inserted back into the female to grow. This is sometimes done with multiple eggs to increase the chances of one surviving with the sometimes unexpected result of multiple child birth. The DNA make-up of the child(ren) will be a mix of both the male chromosomes from the sperm and the female chromosomes from the egg.
"Cloning" is much different... The current process widely used in cloning is to take an egg and remove the genetic material from within, basically leaving an empty egg. You then insert the genetic material from whatever you want to clone (person, pig, etc) and shock the egg into thinking it's been fertilized and start splitting like a normal embryo. The biggest difference here is, since the only DNA / chromosomes in the egg is from the donor cells, in theory, the baby should be pretty much identical to it's donor. Furthermore, a father (sperm) is not needed in this process.
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How is cloning accomplished?

Answer   1   Eggs are coaxed to mature in a culture dish. Each has a remnant egg cell called the polar body and cumulus cells from the ovary clinging to it.   2 

What color test tube is BUN?

red tiger top tube or gold

What color tube for BMP test?

Tiger top (red and black)

What can you conclude about test tube baby?

A test tube baby is a surprize gift of Medical Science & God also, but not just a product.

What type of test is in a EDTA tube?

EDTA tube use for identify amount of blood. use for diagnosis disease relate with blood such as anemia, leukaemia, and any disease like thalasemia. beside that, this tube can

How are a test tube babies formed?

First the egg and sperm are united in a test tube, and then both are put in the womens uterus, for the next nine months.

What is the use of test tube?

  the use of test tube is when you have an experiment it is very use ful because you can use it as an xperiment or chemical containers!

What is a test tube and what is the uses of a test tube?

A test tube is a glass tube used in science class for containing substances, and for containing chemical reactions.
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Uses of test tube?

  Many uses as a vessle container) just like a cup but better for heating solutions in. and centrifuging. Make good crack cookers or pipes too

What is the difference between test tube cloning and test tube fertilization?

      First, the term "test tube" is popular, but it is not the terminology used by scientists. They instead use the latin term 'in vitro' (literal definition: in g
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Does the world really need to do test tube cloning?

No we do not need to, we just want to.       Cloning technology holds the key to solving a lot of the world's problems that might not otherwise be fixable. If you wan