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How long can the state of Texas hold your child support payment that was received from income tax?

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If a father of a child gets married and owes back child support can the new spouse be obligated to pay back back his child support in Texas with income tax refunds?

  If you file joint and your tax refund gets intercepted, then you would have to file a "wounded spouse" form to get your portion of the refund. But beware, the child supp

What is the state income tax of Texas?

Texas does not have a state income tax.

How long does it take to receive a tax intercept for child support in Texas?

In Texas, the tax intercept will be given within 3 months if the  noncustodial parent IS NOT married. However, if the noncustodial  parent IS married, then they WILL HOLD th

How long does it take to receive a tax intercept for child support?

This depends on the state in which you live. I live in Indiana, and once the tax money has been received by the child support central collection unit for my state, they hold i

Is receiving child support considered income?

Presuming you mean for taxes...as for lenders and such the answer may be different. . No. Child support payments are neither deductible by the payor nor taxable to the payee

Are state income payments deductible on federal taxes?

Yes, State Income Taxes are deductible against Federal income; not the amount you owe the state, but the amount you actually paid through withholding, prior year credits, paym

Why do you have tax topic 203 on your refund status if you don't owe any non-tax federal or state income taxes or child support?

Past--due child support, Federal agency non--tax debts, state income tax obligations or certain unemployment compensation debts owed a state (namely debts for compensation tha

How often are you supposed to receive child support payments?

Generally, child support payments coincide with the frequency that the obligor receives income. How quickly the obligee receives those payments is a function of how efficient

Do you have to pay income taxes on the child support you receive in Illinois?

You do not have to pay taxes on child support, it is not money you earned, it is money that is court ordered, though in cases where a woman targets specific men of high income