How long did it take Leonardo to paint Mona Lisa's lips?

Leonardo da Vinci took him 10 years to paint Monalisa's Lips
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You also do all of your own illustrating in your books. Is it true you're an artist-turned-writer?

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Mona Lisa's last name is?

Lisa Del Gherardini. Her birth name was: The Italians refer to her as La Gioconda, Lisa di Antonio Maria (Antonmaria) Gherardini, Lisa and 'Mona Lisa'.
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Who was Mona Lisa's husband?

A banker in Florence his name was Francesco del Giocondo. He is the one who commissioned Leonardo to paint the portrait. Unfortunately he never received the painting, Leonardo (MORE)

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What happened to Mona Lisa's eyebrows?

Many reasons could be the case... They were accidently removed because of shoddy cleaning.It was the fashion of the timeMonaLisa was in mourning, so she shaved them off "but s (MORE)

What is Mona Lisa's emotion?

It is known that the Mona Lisa(real portrait) changes her emotions into what you are feeling. She does not really have any feelings shown, a reasons why it is so famous.
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What is mona lisa's occupation?

She took care of her children and her house. Like almost all women during the Renaissance times, she was a housewife.
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