How long do you charge AA batteries on a Duracell NiMh charger AA batteries?

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Can a 5.7 volt charger be used to charge 4 rechargeable AA batteries?

My understanding is 5.7volts is what your supposed to be charging 4 AA rechargeables ,wired in series, with... Due to loss of current through connectors and wires.. But i cant remember exactly what the voltage needed after the loss is? anyway.. hope that helps you a little

Will a NiCd charger charge NiMh Batteries?

A NiCad charger has different sensor values than NiMh. I would find a charger that has a switch to select either, or specifically a Nickel Metal Hydride battery charger to prevent damaging and shortening the life of your batteries.

How long do AA energizer batteries last?

It actually depends on what you're using it for. For example, a camera will drain more energy than a remote control. Approximatley 6 months to a year depending on usage. If you, say, listen to a sports radio an hour a day every day, it'll probably last 3 months. If you have a tv remote and use it ev (MORE)

Will a NiMh charger charge NiCad Batteries?

Some will, but it is not recommended because it can damage the batteries or the charger. Invest in a NiCd charger or better yet get some NiMh batteries. NiMh batteries are better than NiCd in every way.

How long does an aa battery last?

Depending on how much you use the item that holds the AA battery . It actually depends on what you're using it for. For example, a camera will drain more energy than a remote control. Some people say that Kirkland batteries last as long as the Panasonic batteries.. No set answer to that. It depen (MORE)

How are AAA batteries different from AA batteries?

With the same load current the AA will last longer that the AAA. This is due to the physical size of the cells. A C cell will last longer that a AA and a D cell will last longer that a C cell. In dry cells as the cells get larger the amp/hours increase.

Why do AA batteries lose charge?

We know that AA batteries (or any others) lose charge because energy is taken out of them with use. The chemical reactions that generate the voltage occur, and this "uses up" the energy in the cell. This is the long and short of why batteries lose charge, and you can see it if you think it through.. (MORE)

How long will Energizer AA batteries last in a flashlight?

3 hours well it depends on how much you use it but it usally last about 20 - 22 hours :) hope that helped (: There is no definite answer. The batteries could have been used before, or not charged to full capacity. The flashlight may be of a different voltage to another one, so there is no defini (MORE)

Can Nimh batteries can be charged with Nicd charger?

\nIt is always better to use a charger designed to charge a particular battery type. Using a NiCad charger for NiMh batteries or vice versa can cause damage to the charger or batteries, especially if the charger is designed to charge the batteries in under two hours. The worst case is a fire risk. (MORE)

Will a AA battery bounce if it is dead?

If you mean bounce as like a rubber ball bounces, the answer is no.An AA battery will behave exactly the same if dropped regardless ifit's fully charged or completely empty.

How many mA does a AA battery have?

An AA battery has 4.0 mA. Battery capacity is measured in mAh (milliamp hours), that's how much electricity can be delivered for how long (depending on consumption). The best AA NIMH (nickel-metal hydride) rechargeable batteries rate at around 2100 mAh - at 1.2volts. And regular (off the shelf) a (MORE)

Can regular duracell batteries be charged on a duracell charger?

Unless you want to see batteries burst, you should never charge normal alkaline batteries with any charger. Brand names don't matter much in this sense either. Only charge batteries that have the word "Rechargeable" or "NiMH" on them. Though there are some alkaline batteries that are rechargeable, (MORE)

How much do AA batteries cost?

Although Wal-Mart tends to sell really cheap batteries under a good name (Rayovac) at about 97/98 cents(plus tax), most AA batteries cost anywhere from $4 up to about $16 dollars depending on how many batteries are in the pack and depending on brand.

Where can one purchase an AA battery charger?

One can purchase an AA battery charger from a variety of different sources. These include your local electronics store, a department store, or even a large supermarket such as Walmart.

What causes AA batteries to lose charge?

Generally speaking, all batteries will leak over time. However, certain factors can speed up the process. Heat is the biggest culprit. Storing your flashlights under the seat of your car, or in direct sunlight will cause the batteries to leak. The reason they leak is because they are filled with a c (MORE)

Can you recharge normal AA batteries with your car battery charger?

Yes, it can be done, if you put 4 (6v) or 8 (12v) batteries in series or use a dropping resistor to obtain the correct voltage. By using an automobile battery charger 6v to 12volt (start), normal alkaline AA-AAA, C, etc., can be recharged by touching the positive (red) and negative (black) jumper ca (MORE)