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How long do you need to work for a company to be vested for a pension?

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It will depend on the laws of the country you are in. In the US it tends to be 5 years for full vesting in most retirement programs. Now, most places provide a 401K type arrangement, which has no minimum vesting point, you get what you contribute.
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What happens to your vested pension if you resign before retirement date?

Depending on which type of vesting is used for your pension, you  may receive a portion or all of it if you retire early. If it is  cliff invested, you will lose the entire

Can you collect your pension if the company you worked for filed for bankruptcy.?

  If it is "true", "qualified" pension, not just a casual or business agreement your calling one: Yes, your pension is entirely protected. Even if the company has to go

What is a vested pension?

It means that what assets are in your pension account, they belong to you. All belong to you if you are 100% vested. Only half, if 50% vested.
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What company makes bulletproof vest?

In India Anjani Techno plast ltd, MKU kanpur (both are highly corrupted), Coolroc Hyderabad, TATA adv materials, Star wire India pvt Ltd etc are some companies who provide per