How long do you need to work for a company to be vested for a pension?

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It will depend on the laws of the country you are in. In the US it tends to be 5 years for full vesting in most retirement programs. Now, most places provide a 401K type arrangement, which has no minimum vesting point, you get what you contribute.
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What happens to your vested pension if you resign before retirement date?

Depending on which type of vesting is used for your pension, youmay receive a portion or all of it if you retire early. If it iscliff invested, you will lose the entire pensio

Can you collect your pension if the company you worked for filed for bankruptcy.?

If it is "true", "qualified" pension, not just a casual or business agreement your calling one: Yes, your pension is entirely protected. Even if the company has to go out o

Do you need a pension?

No you don't, especially so if you have enough money not to have one. But once retired it is a pretty good idea to get the money!

Are you entitled to your pension after being fired but have worked over 30 years for a company?

Not enough is known about your specific circumstance. It all depends on the legalities and the wording of the company's pension plan. You should be able to collect, unless you
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Do you lose your vested pension in Florida if you are fired?

Loss of Florida pensions is covered under Florida statute 112.3173 A Florida pension may be lost for any of the seven reasons below: 1. The committing, aiding, or abet
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Why do you need a pension?

Because when you get old you will find it difficult to work (yourbody wears out!) and your pension provides you with the money youneed to live on at this stage of your life. W