How long does an iPhone take to restart?

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Mine (and iPhone 3GS running the latest iOS) takes about two minutes from a complete reset and about thirty seconds for a normal turn on. But I think it depends on how many apps you have installed on your phone. I have about 200 apps so it may take longer than usual
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How long does it take to activate an Apple iPhone?

Takes a Few Minutes . Most activations should happen within a few minutes of selecting your plan. If there are any questions around your account status or credit, there may be delays in activation.. There have been some problems with activation over the past few days of release but AT&T says the (MORE)

Why does your Computer restart when not used for a long time?

Answer . Many reasons are possible. 1) If you are talking a really loooooong time, you may have overflowed the "time since last boot" timer. (Not likely with XP or Vista. More possible with some versions of Unix/Linux. Really unlikely with a 64 bit OS) 2) There was a power glitch that didn (MORE)

How can you take out your sim card from iPhone?

Removing the SIM Card . To remove the SIM, insert the end of a small thin paper clip into the hole on the SIM tray.. Press firmly and push it straight in until the tray pops out.. iPhone is designed to work with most AT&T SIM cards. Other SIM cards may not work. For best results, use the SIM ca (MORE)

How do you take your iPhone case off?

You mean the actual back?. Sorry, you really can't. I guess that you could try to pry it off if you want to, but that would probably break it.. In fact, you have to pay a large fee just to get the battery replaced if it gets worn out. Umm you dont unless you want to break it.

Can an iPhone take videos?

Yes, iPhones can take video. If you go into the camera app, scrollto the video option and hold down the button to film.

How long does it take for a restarted tamagotchi egg to hatch?

For a restated egg to hatch it takes about 3 hours or so. This may seem a while but it goes very quickly if your watching tv or playing with firends or family. I hope this has answered your question Thanks, Brittany hi, my little sis has a v5 tamagotchi and it took 10 mins max but it depends on dif (MORE)

Does the iPhone take a sim?

Yes, at the top there is a piece that if removed shows the sim card, this is how people can get iphones to work on tmobile

Can you take video on an iPhone?

Yes you can take Video and Yes you can Zoom in while taking a picture, however; you need to have the "Installer" on your iPhone to install the programs. For Zooming and adjusting colors, go to installer, click all packages, and scroll down to "Camera Pro" For Video Recording, go to installer, cl (MORE)

How to restart an iPhone?

to restart an iphone-- 1. press the home button and the sleep/wake button at the same time until the Apple logo come up... ................................or............................... 2. plug your iphone into the computer and click 'restart' in ___ iphone. (this one will take a longer time than (MORE)

How do you restart an iPhone?

On the lock button at the top of the iPhone. keep hold of it till it will give you the option to slide to turn it off. Then slide it and the iPhone will go off :) Then all you have to do it just start it up again.

Do iPhones take sims cards?

Yes. AT&T is a GSM carrier, meaning all the phones are GSM phones, meaning all the phones require a SIM card to work on a GSM network.

How do you restart your iPhone?

Hold down the lock and home buttons together simultaneously until the screen turns off. The iPhone will then reboot itself.

How do you take an iPhone off silent?

on the side of the iphone there will be a switch which you just push to take your iphone off silent. i tried this on an iphone 4s so i hope this works on all the other iphones :)

How do you take a video on a iPhone?

It depends what iPhone you have... iPhone You can't... iPhone 3G You can't... iPhone 3GS Go to camera, in the bottom left or right change the switch from a picture of the camera to the red dot, then click the large red dot to start recording...

Can you restart taking amoxicillin after stopping for a week?

Antibiotics should be taken as prescribed by your physician.\n\nAmoxicillin is generally taken 2 or 3 times a day for about a week. You should finish the prescribed course of medications even if the symptoms begin to alleviate.\n\nThe problem with irregular dosing is that if you kill most of the ba (MORE)

How can you restart your iPhone 3G in safe mode?

Disconnect your iPhone and turn it off by holding the "Sleep/Wake" button for about five seconds and then slide the red slider. If your iPhone is already off, there's no need to turn it on and then off again. Once it's off, press and hold the "Home" button and plug your iPhone into a Mac or PC with (MORE)

Can you unlock an iPhone to take overseas?

Of course you can. T-mobile, AT&T, and Cingular are available. You can go to customer support and request it if you are off of contract (an possibly the original owner), or use an internet service like iFactoryUnlock which can to AT&T in the USA but not T-mobile iPhones.

How do you take a screen capture with an iPhone?

Press and hold the Round Home button at the bottom center of the iPhone and then press the Sleep/Wake silver button which is on the top of the iPhone. A screenshot of the current screen will be saved in the photos folder. A quick way to see the screen capture is to go to the Camera app and pres (MORE)

Can you take iPhone into steam room?

I tried doing this last night. I put a plastic sandwich bag around my phone and poked a hole for my headphones through the bag. It seemed to work for a little while but the screen got very foggy and moist. Then the screen started to change colors. I wouldn't recommend it. In fact, it's pretty bad (MORE)

Does iPhone take pictures jpg?

Yes, it does. This is only for taking pictures using Camera. Using "Lock+Home" to take Snapshots takes PNG images. It also takes MOV videos.

How take out iphone from recovery mode?

It's not hard, but it sometimes can be. For me, it happened earlier today when I attempted a jailbreak. (Which is probably the stupidest thing I've ever attempted.) This is best if you have synced your device to your PC recently. When connecting the device to your computer, open iTunes. There sho (MORE)

How long is an iPhone?

Here are the measurements for the 4S: Depth: .37 inch (9.3 mm) Height: 4.5 inches (115.2 mm) Width: 2.31 inches (58.6 mm) Weight: 4.9 ounces (140g)

How do you take out battery on an iphone?

You have to have a small screwdriver for the bottom two screws. You take the back plate off after removing those two screws and the battery is right there. This however, voids the warranty.

How long should it take to upgrade from 5.1 to 6.1 on an iphone 3gs?

Well first of al, it depends on your internet speeds. With relatively good internet connections, you should be able to download the large update in under a half hour. Slower connection speeds may make the first step take up to twice as long. Lastly, the installation process. This means waiting for t (MORE)

How long does it take to get a iPhone case from Amazon?

It depends on where you live and when the iPhone case is dispatched. Also, you can use online chat to ask customer care for help and tell him where are you. Then, he will tell you how long it would take base on his experience.

What will happen if you restart your iPhone 4?

It'll shut down, then you'll hold the button to restart it, andit'll restart. A message saying "searching for service" will appearat the top for a few seconds, and that's that. Nothing terriblydramatic, I'm afraid.