How long does the veterans administration take to pay a life insurance claim?

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It was my experience that they compensate rather rapidly, assuming death certificate copy was promptly provided.
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How long can a life insurance hold up paying a claim?

Answer . \nNot long. As long as all requirements are met the claim should be paid in a mere matter of weeks if not days. Get your agent after it. That is what he is the

What is Claims Administration in Life Insurance?

Claims Administration is the group of people in charge of the department that decides if the company is going to pay any particular claim (when someone dies).

How long does it take for life insurance to pay?

Once you properly file your claim it only take a few short weeks to get your settlement. Contact the agent that sold the policy and enlist his help. If not available just call

How long can insurance company take to approve a claim and pay a claim?

It all depends on the state the claim is filed. If a state does not have a set amount of time of the company to investigate and make a decision on a claim, they are required t

How long can a car insurance claim take?

1 week to 45 days....depending on invesigation involve Depending on the claim itself and severity: it may take as little as an hour to resolve the investigation and only a f

Do life insurers have to pay a claim?

If there was a valid, fully paid up life insurance policy in force for the person who died when he died, and if the circumstances of the death are within the coverage of the
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Does veterans administration pay for sutent?

Sutent is prescribed by my dad's oncologist at his medical center (not a VA hospital). It is the only drug the FDA recommends for advanced rental cell cancer. Dad gets his oth